Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Work Is A Four-Letter Word

Today was my second day of working the new shift which partly consisted of labeling postcards for customers and restaurant partners.

Fun. *she said sarcastically*

I'll also most likely be getting customer invoices from accounting to mail out which I don't mind doing, but that was a task originally done by the old office manager, and I was only helping out while she was mending from a back injury and then I just seemed to inherit the task. One of the temps was doing it for a time, but then he left, and now it's back to me (which leaves me to wonder... has the new office manager been asked to do this like the old one used to?).

I've never been a manager, and I've never wanted to be one though with all that I do at times I feel like I should be one even though I have NO idea what a manager actually does. (And yeah, I've heard the "manages things" jokes which were never funny to begin with.) I'm fine with being a cog in the wheel, being a team player, but sometimes it feels a little overwhelming with all that I/we do. I try to look at it as being competent and a good worker, but there are days I just don't know.

I feel like an unofficial supervisor of sorts... which is odd since I'd turned down the offer before due to the hours, but now that I'm working them, I wonder what's going on. I think since my new schedule just started, waters are being tested. I can't help but feel suspicious and wary.

I'm fine with helping out and leading in some way, but there are those that don't like to follow. In my leadership experience, there are those that either don't take me seriously or they see their friend is now in charge and they frak off. There are a few that actually listen to me, but I don't know. I'd just rather not have to resort to being the bitch to get my point across or getting stuff done.

Common sense, people. Use it,

Tonight I had to be the lead which was fine since I was the more senior to the people I was working with tonight, but I still don't feel like I was taken seriously. Being asked a question here or there is one thing, but I was asked to give them specific tasks, but they didn't really seem to listen. The one guy that had been there longer was helping out the new dude who'd only been there for a few weeks, but I mean, come on. You don't know how to change the postage rate on the meter? The dude that claims to be a computer nerd and gets stumped by the postage machine?

I'm not going to let it get me down although I will admit work does make me grumbly more often than not. If I could stay in my own little bubble and do my job without any interference, that would be a start.

Then again, if I could have what I wanted, I'd be independently wealthy, have my own house, and would sleep without an alarm waking up. (And I'm sure there'd be some slim and fit without having a gym membership stuff in there, too.)

And now I'm going to just sit here and enjoy the rain.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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