Sunday, December 14, 2014

Perseverance Versus Powerloss

Today I woke up feeling kinda crappy.

I got home from Gingerbread House Party at Kevin & Diana's, and I was exhausted. Made myself stay up long enough to blog (trying to remain constant with these), and then passed out. I had set my alarm to get up a little before noon so I could get ready to go see "White Christmas" with Steve & Kathy... but my tummy was not happy seeing as powerloss was kicking my ass. I was hoping whatever discomfort I was feeling would go away in a few minutes like some aches and pains do once a wave of 'bad' happens.

This was taking a little longer for me.

Eventually I forced myself to get up and shower, etc. Steve and Kathy live closer to the theatre than I do (which is down the street from where I love). They walked and got there on time. I drove, got there on time, but then couldn't find parking (partially due to the holidays and partially due to the parking lot I would have parked in being gated off for construction... I theorize a parking garage).

White Christmas was amazing on the big screen. And I'm sure I cried before at the end bit where they surprise the general, but I can't remember. I wept today though. I wasn't bawling or anything. The tears just welled up and quietly dripped down my face, one tear per cheek.

Afterward I tried to hit the meadery for some hellos, but didn't make it in time and met friends for ramen... which was yummy. Then after we all hugged and said our goodbyes, I sat in my car feeling like crap again (damn powerloss) and fighting off a nap. I went to a couple places but damn... I just wanted to pass out.

Eventually I made it home not having much success everywhere I went. Any other shopping will have to be done next weekend. Hopefully I'll have more energy then. I'll be done with powerloss by then so hopefully it'll leave me with more energy and time.

At present I'm doing laundry and trying to decide if I want to try and make the first half or the last half of tamale day this Saturday. Probably best to do the morning shift and leave the shoppies for later? Or Sunday?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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