Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Week Needs An Eighth Day Just For Naps

In looking over the posts for December so far, they leave me wanting. I don't feel they're substantial or profound. Granted how profound can I actually be. Plus I've been tired a lot lately... which if you know me and my sleeping habits, you can guess why I'm so tired all the time.

Maybe I'll pick a topic each day and just write about it? I have no idea, but I really need to figure out something, a whole rhyme/reason to my posts. (Any suggestions?)

In any case, I've been writing most of these at the end of my day. I try to sneak them in at work since - at least for this month anyway - I've been working the night shift at a delivery company, and I have to stay until the last driver is done. Then I write a report (email) about the night, I clock out, lock up, alarm the building and head off. When I'm waiting for that last driver, I'm usually tying up loose ends... trying to work on customer emails, surveys, but it's usually so late in the evening that I can't really do much in the call the restaurant to ask what happened with an order that a customer was upset about. So I try to fit in a small post - or at least start one that I can finish at home. Sometimes that works out... and sometimes it doesn't.

If I'm tired - exhausted, even - I can stay awake if my mind is kept busy. Usually during the day that's no problem. Phone's always ringing... or I'm making calls... or I'm working on production... checking and forwarding faxes (which we now have a production lead so why hasn't she been added the email list for efaxes?)... alternately doing invoices, checks, or labeling postcards...

I have a full day.

Is it sad that all I want is some time... some REAL time... to work on my writing or to plan out my holiday... but when I get to personal stuff, my brain shuts down, and all I want to do is nap? Why is that? My stuff is just as important as work stuff. So why can't my brain wake up enough to write something or to read something or to watch a show or do something else other than work?

And to add insult to injury, my body chemistry doesn't allow me to find assistance in sleeping or waking up in ways that others can. I remember hearing someone say they couldn't have a can of soda else they'd be bouncing off the walls. What? Really? I just burp from the carbonation. I'm surprised shots and medications doctors have given me actually took hold... then again, that was when I was younger and much, much smaller. Now I take four ibuprofen when experiencing pain. (For the record, I don't take that dosage all day, every day... and I do eat something before taking the pills.) But the regular two just don't work. I've had people ask me for ibuprofen, and when I ask "how many?" some only take one. ONE!? A few car accidents ago, I was given iburpofen, Soma and Vicodin, and everyone from the ER nurse to the pharmacist said I could take them all together, but I'd pass out soon after.

Nope. (Was still wide awake after thirty or so minutes so I got out of bed and starting putzing around the house.)

I wonder if there's anyway to change my body chemistry back so that I'm normal. Probably not. I just have this fear that one day I'll be in SO much pain from something bad happening to me that the doctors will give me something for the pain, and my body says "Nope. Still nothing."

Stupid body chemistry. *pout*

Oh look at that. My last driver is done. Time to close up shop and head to the gym. (When will my body stop hurting.)

*re-reads post* Yup. Still babbling.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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