Friday, December 26, 2014

Post Christmas Shenanigans

Nothing much to report about today. 

I slept which was fantastic. 

Had some dream about a person that read/spoke a large number of languages though some of them were computer, but in the dream that still counted. (Yeah, I don't know what it meant.)

My mom wanted me to set up an email account for her... again. We've done this a couple times before, and she either forgets her password or loses the instructions on how to check it. And her husband is no help either... then again, he won't ask for help unless he's desperate. (Once when using their computer - they have dial up - I changed the resolution to make the page smaller since he had it set so everything was HUGE, and I had to scroll sideways as well as up and down just to read a three sentence email. I forgot once to set it back to the way I found it, and my mother called saying I broke it. I told her no, that it's just the resolution, and they can change it, but she shoved the phone to her husband, and I got as far as 'right click on the desktop' and he told me I could just fix it next time I came to visit... which was going to be in several weeks.)


Spent time at home with my mom until my brother was free to hang out. We were going to go to The Dust Bowl with his wife, but she decided last minute she didn't want to go, so my mom watched my niece while my sister-in-law had some alone time, and my brother and I headed out for beer.

I had told him I wanted to go when I came back for Christmas since I had seen pics and posts on his Facebook about him and his friends going there, and I like beer... blah de blah de blah. I wound up finding awesome parking right in front of the place. The wait was about 30min. My bro and I walked up to the cigar shop for stogies, but they were cleaned right out from the holidays. Also they were a bit more pricier than where we normally go so we skipped stogies for another night.

Once we were seated (at the table my brother strangely gets seated at whenever he goes there), I got the sampler and chose five beers from the menu (my favorite being the center beer - Milk Stout - YUM!), and my brother got the Scotch Ale. We then got garlic fries and nachos... and it's after we're noshing on the nachos that he tells me that he and three of his friends shared the nachos between them, and we just finished it off just the two of us. (Yeah, I felt like a fat bastard.)

I like the place. Wish I could buy their stuff out here, but they don't seem to distribute too far from home.

On the way back from Turlock, my bro wanted to stop by WalMart to try and pick up and thumb drive so he could start playing the GTA5 game I got him for Christmas. No dice. Stock was empty. So we left, and I dropped him off at home. I stopped by the drug store for some nose spray and headed back to my mom's house where we lounged about until it was time for bed.

Can I have another milk stout, please? ^_^

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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