Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sleepy Saturday...

Went to bed last night with earbuds in, phone on do not disturb, and just slept until I wanted to wake up.

It was nice.

It was also weird that it was Saturday. Haven't had a Saturday off in a long time that I didn't have to ask for.

Went to the meadery today. It was busy but nice. Hung out in the back for a bit with Jon S (mainly for air and the crowd -- was tired of sitting in the corner looking at everyone's butt that was standing around me.

After the meadery, Jon was craving some sweets -- of the ice cream variety or ice cream adjacent -- and I took him to Bitter + Sweet since I'd been there once before and thought the place was pretty cool. We met there, and he had a large ice cream with Secret Breakfast & Vietnamese Coffee. I've had Secret Breakfast before (cornflakes and bourbon - SO GOOD!). Tonight I had a small Guinness Gingerbread. Jon and I shared treats - I tried his Vietnamese Coffee and he tried my Guinness Gingerbread. Yummy on both counts.

He later got an affogatto with the Secret Breakfast. I didn't try any since he was having a lovely time with it all to himself, but he seemed rather happy.

Their ice cream is provided by Humphry Slocombe which when I originally found this coffee place and told people about the ice cream, they had nothing but awesome things to say about the brand/company. Checking out their website and their list of flavors - they have a Russian Imperial Stout flavor... HELLO!!! and Boccalone Prosciutto? I'm dying here!

After ice cream and a few rounds of Wordbrain, we left the coffee place and headed our separate ways - he to his home, and me to meet up with friends for karaoke. No, I did not sing, , but the trees were nice. I kinda wanna try and make one... if I ever get a place of my own.

I still want wagashi (mainly the oak and sakura leaf ones) and Jagertee (which I've heard so much about, but I can wait.

In the meantime, I'm going to sign off on the post and probably go play some Crossy Road. (Damn you Jon S!)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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