Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Delivery Delays & Changes In the Office

Earlier at work, I caught a case of the 'fuckits'. After everyone left, and it was me, my fellow closer, and our manager, things got dumb.

We were short on drivers and then the rain made traffic and stuff dumb. I was staring at the computer thinking "Really? Really? I can't make heads or tails of this. This just looks like shit to me." Also every time I was in an order or trying to call something or do something, someone else was already doing it. So for a while, I just let them deal with things and sat at my desk and made phone calls and answered emails and replied to surveys and sorted things and snuck in calls that no one was doing since my two compatriots were handling the delays as best they could. I had tried to create some kind of method to the madness, but nope... it seemed like people loved the chaos, so I just let it rain down on everything and everyone like maple syrup on a waffle... though less tasty and pretty-looking.

Before that, I was notified that the desk that I've called home for the past year will no longer be my desk. Two new cubes were created either over the weekend or during the day on Monday before I came in, and those two desks will be occupied by the new production lead and my manager. My manager's move is pending since she's trying it out to see if it works better for the group all around because it was suggested that the big corner desk in the department leaves it difficult for to hear things so to be in the thick of it and not in the corner is a good. When she mentioned that she was leaving her original space unoccupied, I made the joke "So like a timeshare kind of thing." She corrected me and said "no share" - which I think she meant as a joke, but I get the feeling she doesn't want to leave her big space... but we'll see.

With her move, she said she wanted to have the new people close to her, so she's moving me to where the production lead has been sitting since she came to the company. We all use Macs, so they'll just move my Mac over. This will all be happening most likely on Friday before I get in... though we'll see. I don't see my boss coming in on the weekend to change stuff out, and I close everyday this month (Monday to Friday, save Christmas Day), so we'll see what happens.

Tonight I took down some pinned up docs that I don't really reference much due to it just being info that either changes a lot or I don't need since I've pretty much memorized since it's the same stuff every day of my shift. I also took down my garland of ornaments The "new" desk area will have an overhead compartment and no pedestal so instead of having drawers to my right, I'll have a cubby above me and more leg room. I'll have to get used to the half wall to my left, but now I can officially have the candy bucket outside my cube... so that's kinda cool. People will most likely still stop by, but hey - with or without candy, I'm a lovely person to visit with.

At my "old" desk, I had my info sheet and extension list and pinned file folder to my left, docs in front, and my schedule and calendar to my right. Now I have to redecorate... which is fine. I think the new guy she hired that starts on 12/29 will be seated where I used to be so that gives me ample time to move my crap out of there and into my new(er) dwellings. I also need to clean out the cubby since the person that sat there before the production lead got there left everything at his desk... including a giant stack of docs. (Oh yeah, my OCD is gonna have a field day.)

And now it's off to the gym.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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