Thursday, December 11, 2014

Short Fuse For Stupid

Today was a practice in not crawling through the phone and choking the shit out of everyone at the other end.

What the frak was up with people today? Was it the rain? Normally the joke is something like "Is there a full moon out tonight?" when crazy shit happens, but damn... the amount of sarcastic, unappreciative, petty, lying, moronic douchebags was just...

Sometimes... I hate people.

On the phone, it never got past my tone. We're supposed to work on that, which is fine and dandy when you get one numbnuts every few calls or so, but all right in a row, machine-gunned off at me? Are you frakking insane?

I was getting to that point where I had to repeat myself (Do you have the order for John Smith?) over (What? -- Do you have the order for John Smith?) and over (Joan Blythe? -- No. John Smith.) and over (Joanie Templeton? -- John. Smith.) and over.

There were some people that either always said "okay" which usually meant they didn't understand me and were pretending to, but you can't ask to speak to someone else, because they just say "okay" one last time and hang up... sometimes even saying "goodbye".

But today was attack of the killer "that is so not what I just said... not even close" morons.

Now I can  understand if I'm calling about a foreign name or a long unusual name, but if I'm calling for something as simple as John Smith? Get with the program people. It's like "Hi! Did you get the fax for Amy Lane?" and then I would get a return question for "Aileen Cowpepper?" What? That doesn't even rhyme with the name I said. Did you hear me? Where the frak did you get that from?

Then there are places that know they're going to be late but don't say anything. So we get calls like "Where's my food?" and when we call, THEN they tell us of the delay.

I didn't get any of the things I wanted to do done... save calls and the occasional customer starting an online chat because their order is wrong or they want a status update for their food. And everything was so perfectly timed tonight. Busy right when I was able to call a restaurant regarding questions on their new menu) or being all alone having to deal with a directory of drivers that haven't probably logged out of the system so when I assign something to them, they say, "I've been home for hours." The sign out dumbshit! Frak me!

I just concentrated on being happy and relaxed and tried not to blow my top.

And now I'm home, cold and tired and trying to finish this post before I pass out. (And I think I'm done.) Goodnight!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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