Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Wish...

In the morning, I kept going in an out consciousness, experiencing a combination of seeing/hearing whatever I was dreaming and hearing my mom talk to her husband.

The only thing I remember hearing my mom say was the occasional "honey" and "I'm ready to go, just let me get my hat".

When I was asleep, I had this weird dream where Hugh Jackman and I were in a relationship, and one of us was a vampire, and I had somehow angered him by tempting him with my blood, and I apologized - I was laying before him on the top of a black piano, top closed, that he had been playing. I apologized rather romantically and poetically, and I remember holding his hand, kissing it, pulling it to my face, and we embraced. But then the next morning, there's Rila Fukushima in our house - sort of a penthouse-y type of thing - pulling the large drapes of the large windows overlooking the city open. She's a vampire, but apparently in my dream we are daywalkers. Hugh tells her she's responsible for her "guest" who apparently is some guy - Tom Wilkinson - she wants to turn... and the dream ends.

And the rest of the day was was time with my mom.

My mother and her husband are looking to trade his car in for something else... so they were gone by the time I woke up (which was late since my body is still on closing shift hours... ugh). So I texted my mom movie times, and she picked a showing. Then I texted my brother to see what he and his family were up to, and my niece had two play dates, and he said they should be home by the time we got out of the movie.

I had told my mother that it would be crazy since the movie just opened on Christmas, and we were going only two days after. We had tried this once before, but all she knows is that she wants to see the movie. She doesn't go to midnight showing or wait in long-ass lines that curve around the theatre.

I remember one year one of the Lord of the Rings movies - I think it was Two Towers - came out Christmas week, and I went to see a midnight showing. Why? Cuz I'm like that. When I got into town, my mother said she wanted to see the movie, and I tried to tell her it was opening week and that it would be really busy. I gave her the times, and she chose the next showing which was in 15min, and I again tried to warn her we'd be waiting in long lines, etc, and she then thought maybe the next showing which was in 30min. By the time we got to the theatre, and I was picking up the tickets from the kiosk, my mom saw the line rounding the building and asked, "What are they in line for?" And I said, "This movie probably." It was, and my mom couldn't understand why we couldn't just walk inside. I explained we'd be cutting in front of all these people who have been waiting. Eventually we got inside, and we had to sit not too close but close enough for my mom to complain, and all the while I was grateful that I had seen the movie already and kept saying "I tried to warn you" to her in my head.

We got to the lot and parking was shit. We ended up having to park on the upper level in a space that said a my car could park there, but it just looked like it was sticking out, and I was afraid it was going to get hit. (It didn't, praise jeebus.) I bought tickets, and I waited in line for a soda, but it was getting close to showtime so I decided to skip it. Our seats weren't that bad - middle row, at the end on the left.


I had seen the stage show with Bernadette Peters many many times on DVD. I didn't realize it was about three hours so then there'd have to be cuts for a film version. Right away, I saw changes in dialogue and lines... there were also a couple songs missing (like the reprise of Agony), and there were some scenes smooshed together (I miss the scene of "Giants are like us... only bigger. Much much bigger.) And what was up with making the Baker's Wife nine months pregnant after the curse had been broken? What the hell?

Johnny Depp did a lovely job singing rather sexily as the Wolf. Meryl Streep was awesome as the Witch, and I loved how she looked after her curse was broken. (I also missed the "We're so happy you're so happy" bit.) The Giant bit was a little accelerated, Your Fault seemed a bit slower...

Regardless of the changes, I still liked it and was thoroughly entertained. (I remember when talking about the movie afterwards, my mom said that the bit with the two guys singing in the waterfall was silly and ridiculous, and I told her it was supposed to be like that.)


After the movie, my mother wanted to go shopping since tomorrow we're having family over for tacos!!! (We also stopped by the drug store to get hair dye for me so my mom could touch up my roots.) I texted my brother to see what was up, and my niece was passed out completely wiped from her play dates, and since it was late, he called it a night and maybe we'd hook up after tacos tomorrow.

Then it was home to chillax, zone out on TV, eat some Christmas leftovers, and then off to sleep

All in all, a pretty okay day.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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