Friday, September 21, 2012

Babbling Writer Fail

Edgar Allan Poe: What's going on? 
Detective Fields: I'm Detective Fields. Please, sit down, Mr. Poe. 
Edgar Allan Poe: Yes. The infamous Detective Fields. Am I under arrest?
Detective Fields: No... not just yet.
Edgar Allan Poe: Then I'd rather stand! It makes it easier to leave!
-from the movie "The Raven"

Yeah, I know. I'm such a bad person. I apologize. Let's get the slaps on the wrist and various chastisement out of the way so you can all get it out of your system before moving on.

Don't worry. I'll wait.

*insert JEOPARDY theme or standard elevator music here*

(after MUCH time has passed)

You done? We good? Okay. Now to move on to the rest of the post.

Sadly there really isn't much to tell on the whole WRITING front.

(Hey! No more of that! I gave y'all ample time at the beginning of the post. If you didn't get it out then, tough. You missed your chance.)

Now where was I?

Good news is that I've been working. (Oh NOW you're all nice. I see how YOU are!)

Yeah. I got a job. I'm still going through the trial/training process, but I have a job that is reasonably full-time and give me somewhat of a regular schedule... which makes my insomnia ever-so-happy. But even though I'm working, THIS is what I was dreading.

The whole "no writing" thing.

Ugh, it's KILLING me. I have ideas in my head, but I'm so frakkin tired, I pop open the minibook and all I have energy for is mindless entertainment... and sometimes I don't even have enough energy to do THAT!

I started a new writing project, the one I told you about that's loosely based on this idea by Shazzbaa. I was doing good... for the first week, but then that was when I was technically still unemployed waiting for paperwork to go through on my job and all that. Now I get up in the morning, fight for the bathroom, deal with my whiny cat whose used to me being home more often that I have been... etc, etc, etc.

Why can't I just get paid to SLEEP and WRITE and BE LAZY?!?!?!?!

When I want to write, I can't cuz my mind (which is racing with ideas and the WANT to write) does not have the overall energy or motor function to make the rest of my body comply to my writer wants and needs. And on top of THAT -- I am plagued by FANFICTION!

I am not a FANFIC writer by any means. Alithea S is WAY better at that than I am... as is Jillian S... but I just can't help it when I watch a series and get into the stories. Occasionally my mind thinks of people that would fit into that world. Most of the time it's just an idea and that's that, but every once in a while (like right now), I get an idea stuck in my noggin that will not go away.

This idea has to do with the show LEVERAGE!!! (and that's all I'm going to say about that)

Normally when I get this kind of pestering idea in me, I just purge it by writing it out and BOOM! it's gone. But usually it's a scene -- not a full-flung, long-ass, season long... thing. And due to the tired, energy-less problems, I can't get my shit together enough to write anything substantial.

But you're writing this post.

That's a little different. This is just babble. And that GAWD you are not here to look over my typing skills cuz let me tell you... it's quite sad right now. It's like MY LEFT FOOT meets BOXING HELENA -- and we all know how great of typists THEY were.

Yeah. Made a joke. Did ya laugh? I hope so... though if you didn't? Meh. I'm too tired to truly care.

Currently taking a break at work and running on autopilot -- doing that stream of consciousness kind of writing. I'm surprised I'm not writing in tongues or something.

This is still in ENGLISH, right?

I'm hoping I'll be writing soon... though I did feel that since it had been a while since I'd posted on my ACTUAL blog (aren't you just LOVING the CAPS? LOL!), I thought I would try and whip something out... and not in a dirty porno kind of way.

OHHHHH!!! Dirty joke. LOVE IT! (even if I'm the only one who's laughing... on the inside... like a crazy person)

So yeah, I haven't started any of my story blog updates for September... which makes me sad, but I'm sure I can make the deadline. (How's THAT for positive self-reinforcement?) I've also been reading, listening to audiobooks (since I have a commute now and all), and trying to catch up on my Hulu-watching. I've also been going to various friend functions and drinking... heavily (like ya do).

I haven't been to a movie in a while. REALLY want to see The Words since A) it looks good, and B) it's a writer movie.

I love writer movies. If any of you know of any writer movies -- whether they be bios like "Sylvia" or "In Cold Blood" or just plain about a writer like "Ruby Sparks" (still need to see that by the way) -- feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Okay. I think I've babbled on long enough. Love y'all. What's that thing from Star Search? Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars?




Hugs and high-fives all around.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!