Saturday, November 22, 2014

Letters to November ||| 22

Dear November,

Taking this brief moment to write this before it gets busy again. *headdesk*

Can you please make my head stop hurting?

I originally thought it was a sinus headache, but it might just be a good old fashioned migraine. The pressure is at the top of my face near my hairline above my left eye and the left side of my nose. There is a pinching feeling on the bridge of my nose that is SO not happy making but now the spike seems to have melted and is now spreading across my from the original piercing to my nose.

I am REALLY hating this.

I'm all by myself tonight (I'm a bit grumbly about it but won't start on THAT rant). Of course it gets busy when I'm flying solo, but this headache is not helping matters. And the people? Sheesh! There was a lady on chat that was being so dramatic and some of the messages she was sending me I don't even think were for me. I mean, she was upset that her order wasn't there, but then when I looked at her account, the order wasn't there. Now there is a tiny chance that the interwebs ate it up, but she couldn't talk to me in coherent sentences but in random comments in ALL CAPS! Then I called her, and she was sane. It's like "Do you not internet well?" I don't think she does.


Ugh. I just want to sleep.

Double ugh. The phone is ringing. I should probably go.

Wishing you a lovely day, November!

Have Goodness!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Letters to November ||| 21

Dear November,

I am currently in my room listening to Ed Sheeran and writing you after a day of work, napping, food, and an errand or two.

Been feeling okay. Changes at work, but nothing out of the ordinary really. Trying to keep up, and I think I'm doing okay. Finally got my assigned tickets down to 10 or 11. Then again, she might have assigned me stuff after I left which would be crap but oh well. Who's gonna stop her? If I can just get caught up, I'll feel better about work... at least a little bit, anyway.

Eight more days of NaNoWriMo, and I REALLY want to finish. I can do this. I know I can. I just have to write faster?

Looking forward to seeing my family next week - especially my niece. Bella hugs are great, and I am in serious need of one... or several.

I'm having difficulty focusing on my writing. Maybe it's the lack of energy from work, etc. I dunno. Maybe I need more energy. Maybe if I could just sleep all day (and get paid for it?) and then just write all of the next day? Maybe that would work.


Okay, I think that is all for now seeing as I'm finding it hard to focus even on this and perhaps I should be spending this time refocusing my focus on my novel.

Did that even make sense?

Have Goodness!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Letters to November ||| 20

Dear November,

Today is my birthday.

What things happened today?


I dressed in a white v-neck t-shirt, jeans and sneakers but decided to apply a little make up that consisted of mascara and a nude lip balm. The "makeup" got a lot of notice and some compliments. One of my favorites - something like "You're lips look so pretty. What did you do?" Lipstick?

Apparently just wearing lipstick means I'm "all dressed up".

And I guess I don't look my age (which I would have thought I didn't act it, but whatever). I'm not one that actually cares about age. My body is old, the spirit is young. That's my thing.

It rained today which made me happy since I love the rain. It wasn't too bad though it did make traffic a little annoying on the way to get Kathy after work.

Kathy and I met Geoff at the college theatre to watch our friend Fredric in the play "First Person Shooter". It was good. And I really liked the theatre. Very cozy.

After the play, we all headed to the pub for grub and food. Steve met us there since he didn't come along for the play. And I have a separate birthday date with Jess since she ended up not going tonight either.

All in all, it was a nice cozy evening.

After the pub, we all went our separate ways. Immediately when I got home, I logged on to write you, November. And now I will cut this post short as I need to get some writing in before I eventually pass out. Right now I have a heat pack on my Charlie Horse from a couple days ago. (It's mostly gone. I'm just trying to help the knot untie itself.)

Talk to you later. :)

Have Goodness!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Letters to November ||| 19

Dear November,

Today was a stupid work day but the brief I took to the lunch truck brightened my mood.

The weather today was perfect - sunny and cool with enough breeze to blow my hair and make me feel like I was at the beach.

Overall it was a good day.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I kind of want people to make a big deal over me tomorrow, but that's just a small part of me (probably remnant of my childhood and on/off again deep dark desire to be popular). The rest of me just wants to have a good day - just a happy, good day.

Right now just thinking about tomorrow makes me sad - the point of tearing up a little - and I have no idea why. It's not how old I'll be or the lack of a big blowout of a party.

I dunno. I'm just babbling again.

Tonight was spent with friends and on occasion I feel a little left out of the circle. It's not always. Just once in a while. I don't like those moments, but it most likely has to do more with low self-image and minor jealousy hiccups I have yet to truly get over. I don't think I'll ever be free of those.

Gee, what a great thing to be thinking about on the eve of my birthday.

I'm just babbling at this point. I should really get some writing done before bed.

Later November! :)

Have Goodness!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letters to November ||| 18

Dear November,

Today was one of the evil days of powerloss. Ugh. How I hate it. Why during my later years dealing with it that the achey chest and nausea kick in? It's bad enough it takes every little ache and pain I have and magnifies it by a bajillion-trillion.

I miss the days when Midol would actually do something and take the pain away. Now I have days where the pain is just so crappy... ugh. I can't take it.

In other news, I think I'm finally making a dent in my production tasks at work. Today went a little wonky so I'm going to wait and talk to Wes H tomorrow to see wassup!

Headed to Jess's after work for a quick visit and then headed home but realized I was out of milk and honey for my tea at work... so I made a detour stop at the grocery store... and ended up getting some coffee I wanted to try, kombucha for tomorrow morning, and some figs.

I like figs.

This morning I forgot my hoodie which was fine since my car (and car seat) are heated, and the walk from my car to the door at work isn't far (though it wasn't too cold this morning). This evening however? Yeah, A bit brisk.

My birthday is in two days. So far - haven't talked about it much - the plan for the day of is for me, Kathy, Geoff (and maybe Jess and Steve) to go see Fredric in his show (First Person Shooter) and quite possibly dinner and cocktails after.

I feel weird asking if anyone wants to do anything with me for my birthday on a different date since I'm not a good planner of things, and I already have plans the day of.

Next week is Turkey Day. I get to see my niece so that makes me happy.

All in all, aside from the stupid at work, today was... a day.

Have Goodness!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Letters to November ||| 17

Dear November,

I'm currently at the library sharing a table with a tutor and one of her student. They're talking math. I remember math. I liked math in high school.

And who/what the hell just quacked?

Right now I'm trying to tap into the library's wifi but so far it's not liking me.

I've been working on my novel through Google docs, and I only recently figured out how to work offline. But still I can't figure out what the hell is going on...


Well, okay. I have been writing this letter to you, but for some reason my Google docs were not responding and that makes me rather unhappy seeing as the whole reason I came to the library was to sit at a grown up table and not have my lower back and my shoulders scream at me to knock it off.

So now I have my Songza app working its music magic, Google docs likes me, my phone is on silent and in my pocket, and everything is hunky dory. Sad that the library closer to my house was actually closed. I was hoping to check it out and possibly get an account there, but the library that I'm at is kinda my favorite. They need a high school wing though. I'm sure that are some kids - like the chic with the tutor at the table I'm at - that are here to learn, but there are others that just hang out here like it's a coffee shop or something. They make so much noise and make such a mess... there's a security guard that runs around patrolling the place. I've seen them actually have kids leave. Once I pulled up and saw a group of girls walking around outside the building. A group of boys were about to walk into the building and they saw the girls and asked why they weren't inside already. They said they weren't allowed in. The boys ended up not going in because apparently all they wanted to do was hang out with the girls, but they all seemed genuinely irritated that they just couldn't hang out inside. I'm fine if they want to hang out. Now if they can do that quietly without running around - yes, running around - then yeah, come on in.

But it's a LIBRARY!!! A quiet place. They even have signs up that are color-coated and that say what type of zone it is - like minimal noise, etc. Just be courteous to others around you. This is not your house. This is a public place. Treat others the way you would like to be treated... and I doubt that's like an inconsiderate douchebag.

Okay. The guard came by the area that I'm sitting in and did another round... and the last time she came by was maybe 5 minutes ago? I think I'll get to writing now.

Talk to you later November.

Have Goodness!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Letters to November ||| 16

Dear November,

Today was spent with friends.

First it was off to the meadery to see Maria F (who I haven't seen in FOREVER since work has me closing every Saturday night now). They are trying out opening on Sundays (which is one of my days off) so yayhoo!!! I FINALLY got to go to the meadery and see Maria!

My friends - Jess, Ron (aka ObiRon), and Jon (aka Jaquas)... as well as John G - met me there. There were also some other patrons that came in and out during the few hours they were open, but overall it was a nice quiet gathering of people/friends... and, of course, to get to see Maria.

At closing, me and my three fellow amigos went in search of food... and ended up at Denny's where we played Monty Python Flux and noshed.

Jess and I were amazed at how early it was. Everyone seemed to be tired, and it was only 5:30pm. Jess lived nearby so her and Ron headed to her place for a nap. Jon was tired, too, so he and I post-poned our plans for the movie for tomorrow. He went home to get some sleep. Meanwhile I headed out to run some errands.

Then I came home to check in with you and work on my novel.

All in all today was a good day. A little chilly, but that's okay. Just reminding me that I need to break out my sweaters and get a pair of long johns... and maybe some better socks?

Have Goodness!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Letters to November ||| 15

Dear November,

My birthday is coming up, and every year the closer it gets to the day, I always think "Maybe I should have planned something?"

My birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, that I've been used to - in my life - people always busy with holiday stuff to have time to do anything big, etc, so I never really plan anything.

One year I just wanted my friends to get together for dinner and a movie and maybe cocktails later. Presents were not required, but if you felt the need to buy me something, a cocktail was good enough for me. (There were a few people that couldn't make it so I was given cash to buy myself a beverage on their behalf.) Back then, my simple drink of choice was Malibu rum and pineapple juice. (Yum yum doodle dum.)

Also there used to be drama around my birthday - some strange event that would leave me a little bummed and moody - and I feel that if it's your birthday, there should be no drama. One complete day of utter happy happy joy joy.

The last few years I've had that. One year, I remember the retro theatre was playing a Terry Gilliam double feature of Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen... actually on the day of my birthday. Kathy and Steve came with. Then after the movies, I went to Jim and Leah's for dinner, cake and shows. (Another year, was originally going to just hang out with my friend at her place and watch movies and drink cocktails, but then other friends wanted to come by. Jessie made me wonderful bloody glass shard cupcakes and brought fixings for a drink I like called "A Sweet Piece of Ass". Dawn came with her, too.)

I will admit it does warm my heart when people ask me what I'm doing for my birthday or when they ask, and I tell them what I'm doing, they ask if they can come along. It's just nice when people want to spend time with you, but extra special in some ways when it's your birthday.

Maybe one of these days I'll have some big party or whatever. Don't care if it's themed or whatever. I just like having loved ones around sharing in a good time.

Okay, I've babbled enough at you tonight. I'll leave you alone until tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely evening.

Have Goodness!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Letters to November ||| 14

Dear November,

I think I ate too much... which is odd since I don't think I've been eating all that much these days.

This morning on the way to work I polished off the small amount of BBQ Rice Thins (from the people that brought you Wheat Thins... yeah, those people). I think I managed to sneak into the break room and snag one half of a breakfast sandwich (cheese and egg) around 10:30am or so. I also made some tea.

For lunch (which was a a little after 1:30pm), I ate the food I ordered lunch from NOLA and got a kale and cabbage salad with apples (chose not to add chicken today)... but I did indulge in a piece of bread pudding;

My official work day ended at 5pm, but with the approved 5 hours of OT this week, I decided to take my remaining hours and work on catching up on my production. In three hours, I accomplished less than I would have liked, but that's okay. I did some, so that was good. I think my tickets now are down to 13 or something like that.

Around 8pm, I left work, sat in my car, and zoned out... but my tummy was also telling me to fill it with something or my body as a whole would not be happy. I decided to head to Whole Foods for some dinner. I made a salad, scooped up a piece of butternut squash lasagna, got some water, coconut honey kefir, a little sampler of cheese, some curry lentil dip, chips to go with the dip, a beer and a chocolate chip cookie.

When I got home, I drank the kefir, ate most of my salad (mostly veggies with some currants, teriyaki tofu and shredded chicken), and tasted a corner of the lasagna. I finished the kefir, repackaged my salad into a smaller tupperware container, and rewrapped the lasagna in its original container. I took the salad, lasagna, dips, and cheese and put them in the fridge. I haven't touched the chips or the cookie.

I'm currently drinking my beer. It's tasty. I think I'll be passing out after this.


Have Goodness!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letters to November ||| 13

Dear November,

Nothing much happened today. It rained last night - which I fell asleep to, which was lovely - but then no rain today... and that made me a little sad.

One of the guys that was sitting next to me helped me out with me out with my batch of checks. I thought that was really nice, and it helped me work on some production.

There is one menu that I'm working on. The note was from a co-worker who spoke with the restaurant. The prices hadn't changed. They just wanted us to check the spelling, ingredients, that sort of thing.

So I printed out the menu from the restaurant's site and oh for frak sakes. I wonder if they know it's up and how badly everything is spelled. Sheesh. All I got to say is no one wants to plunk their fries into some "ranch deep". There were also choices of getting something fried or "backed". In any case, I'm almost done. I just have to call them for a couple things.

Trying to decide if I want to do some OT tomorrow. I have three hours (of the originally approved 5 or this week) left. Since I have nothing planned tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing at least one extra hour... maybe two... just to get stuff done. As it was before I left today, I was whittling things down to maybe 13 or 12, and then my manager started assigning me more stuff. I would REALLY like to make a serious dent in my assignments without SOMEONE giving me more and then reminding us all about how we're behind. (Really? No kiddin'?)

*makes a very large rum and coke... light on the coke*

But that's been it for today. I ordered lunch that was much more food than I thought it was going to be. Hung out with Kathy W and Steve C after work at their place. Went home to write this and now?

Now I'm going to pass out.

Hope you had a lovely day today, November. See you tomorrow. :)

Have Goodness!