Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lick Me! I Taste Of Awesomesauce!!!

Oh my God! Oh my God! What the fuck just happened? 
-Wesley [after being scooped into Fox's car] from the movie "Wanted"

I'll tell you what just happened.  I actually reached a goal.  THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!!!

Booya!  Raise the roof!  Check out my happy dance!  Awww yeah!!!

Granted this is just the first month, but holy oh my good gravy with a side order of amazing awesomeness!  I did it!  I didn't think I'd be able to, but I did.

My goal was to update all my story blogs as of 2011 and then start keeping them relatively current after that.  I was having problems with the last story blog for 2011 and finished the story for it earlier this month, but after that, I had no idea how to go about updating stuff or what order to do it in.

Then the process just sort of came to me... and I started writing.

Each story blog was its own monster, and since it'd been a while, I had to go back and take notes on what happened and who people were and what everything looked like.  Each story blog was like that.  I had previously blogged that I didn't think I'd be able to update all the story blogs each month, and I totally expected to maybe do half or less.  (Aside from this main blog, there are twelve blogs to update - eleven story, one not-so-story.)

And then I posted the last one a little while ago, and I realized...


I'm trying not to get too excited, but woo hoo!  I feel mighty proud of myself.

So starting where I left off from the last post in regards to what I've written...

Two days ago, I posted the next segment to Real Life I (just) Made Up titled An Unexpected Visitor (which was last updated October 6th last year).

The day after that, I wrote Part Nine for Nedea (which was last updated October 8th of last year) as well as a blog description (which I don't think is very good) and toyed around with the blog layout.  Still think it needs something.

I also wrote Part Ten of Enyo (which was last updated October 9th of last year).

And then just a little while ago, I posted another review on Everything At Least Once for Rockstar Coconut Water (which was last updated December 7th of last year).

After I realized I had updated them all, I immediately thought I need to do it all over again, but a part of me decided not to.  That instead I would just keep it as a monthly thing (this blog being the only one that I could update as often as I wanted), and in the meantime work on other things.

Like my novels.

So far "Chloe" has been on my mind though I keep wondering what "Abby" and "Luke" are up to.  Most of my stories usually have a female as the main character... like with "Chloe" and the rest of the characters in the story, although important, are more supporting than in the "Abby/Luke" story.  The two of them share the spotlight in a sense, but in reality, "Luke" is essentially the main character. 

I find it interesting.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some novel writing done before I go back to updating the story blogs.  I've been writing a lot lately, and I'm hoping that the creative flow continues at this pace.  It's nice going to bed and your last thoughts before falling into the black are of your stories and where you can take them.

Still, with the story blogs, I have already gone and made an updated list of all the blogs and the dates they were last updated and then, like before, put them in number order.  I will be updating them the same way, oldest to most recent, but I won't start until (at least) February 1st.

Oh yeah.  This year is Leap Year.  Neat!

Per my revised list, the first story blog I will be starting with is Results of the Writers' Wheels-O-Wonder which ALWAYS proves to be the most difficult since it's from my brother's manual spinner prompt generator.  After my last update, I consulted the spinners and got my new prompt so I can already have it in the back of my head for next month.  As it is, I kind of have an idea of what to do, but I'm trying to keep it simmering on the back burner of my noggin until I'm ready for it.

I'm honestly expecting some lag in my writing stamina in the coming months, and who knows?  It might start next month.  And it is a shorter month even with the extra day this time around.  I'll keep whatever I can crossed in order to keep this up.  I'm taking it as a sign that things will turn around for me, and this year will be better than times before.

Anyway... here's hopin'!

Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!

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