Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Insomnia: I Hate You! No Love, Me.

"Normal is not something to aspire to.  It's something to get away from."
-Jodie Foster

I've been suffering with a sinus headache for the past couple of days.  Thankfully the discomfort hasn't been consistent, but it's hindered any writing progress I may have made in that time.  I was playing clean-up with some blog tags, etc.  I tried working through the pain, and I succeeded for a while, but then eventually I couldn't keep my head up (even with meds), so I put the minibook away and laid down.

Part of my clean up was re-posting some old stories from one site to my new one.

So long before I started heavily posting my stories and poems here, I posted them elsewhere.  Not to the extent I have on these pages, but I shared them just the same.  I started posting to the other site back in 2005 and created this story blog and started posting on it around 2007.  At the time I posted more on the other page than this one so I made the effort to post on both whenever I wrote something.  Over time, things flipped where I was posting more here and neglecting the other site.

Recently I decided to update the older site with things that I've created on my pages here, but then I started looking through my old work and realized there were some poems and stories that I didn't post here.  Waxing nostalgic on the old site, I went ahead and added them to The Curly Muse page. 

I also wrote a couple new things for Everything At Least Once.  Even though I said I'd hold off until the new month kicked in, I couldn't help it.

And now on to my dilemma. 

See, I remember having this conversation with someone have it be my brother or a friend who read my writing, etc.  It was in regards to how many blogger pages I actually had.  Also there was the comment "You don't have to make a blogger page for everything you write," and I don't, but I always said that if I ended up writing more and more of a story, that I would create a new page just for that story.

I recently went through all my story blogs and made notes in one of my blank journals to try and keep up with what I was doing.  It was when I went through the story blog Stoically Challenged that I noticed I had a few story lines that had a number of posts for them.  They had started off being stories for assignments given by Alithea S., but then there were some story bits I wrote without a homework assignment but posted in the story blog since they started with a homework assignment from that story blog.

Now I'm thinking of giving them their own pages.  What do you think?

From the various stories posted on Stoically Challenged, here are my "repeat offenders" (aka stories/characters I kept going back to):

  • "Kearie": currently at seven story postings (two of which were homework assignments)
  • "Penelope": currently at seven story postings (three of which were homework assignments)
  • "Kai": currently at nine story postings (one of which was a homework assignment)
  • "Abernathy": currently at two story postings (both of which were homework assignments)
  • "Ashlock": currently at two story postings (both of which were homework assignments)
  • "Piper": currently at two story postings (both of which were homework assignments)
Now the only ones I'm really looking at (for now anyway) are "Kearie", "Penelope" and "Kai" since they have the most written for each other whereas the other three storylines only have a couple installments.

If I made three more story blog pages, then that would just be more story blogs for me to update on (at least) a monthly basis.  I did it in January.  I'm hopeful that I can do it for February.  I'm just afraid that since they're hidden within the other stories on that story blog, they'll just go ignored and eventually forgotten.

That's just sad, right?

I think what I'll do for now is take notes on the three storylines I mentioned and work on them in addition to the story blogs I already have on my docket.  It wasn't until today that I realized it was already a new month and that I needed to start updating/writing again.

I tried my hand at writing in a coffee shop (like ya do!), and I found it difficult to write in a place that was solely a coffee shop due to the noise.

If I'm in the zone, no noise can stop me, but it's getting there that's the challenge.

I was at a Barnes and Noble cafe with a friend seated at the brink of the cafe near the fiction/genre fiction section where there's a considerable amount of traffic.  Hell, there were even a group of older gentlemen playing backgammon a couple tables away, and I STILL wrote better there than I did at the coffee place I was at recently.  I sat a table by myself, and the chatter around me was mind boggling.  I could even hear it over my earbuds when I tried to lose myself into my music.

Maybe it was just that day or something.  I don't know.  I just find it odd that one place was noisier than the other... and I used to work at a bookstore and know how frakkin noisy and distracting it can get.

Maybe I'll just back to that Barnes and Noble.  One of these days...

Okay, I think I'll call it a night now... even though it's after 5am.  LOL!

Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!

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