Saturday, December 3, 2016

Blogmas - Day 3

Winter Wonderland Lane 4' Traditions Pre-Lit Cashmere Articial Christmas Tree
Today I went to a Red Egg & Ginger Party for my friend Kevin & Diana's little girl Madeleine.

At first I thought I was going to be late due to traffic - they were trimming trees/shrubs on the freeway so the far right lane (that I was in) was coned off and it took a couple cars to eventually let me merge over - but nope. The plaza in which the restaurant was... SUPER filled with people which surprised me. I've seen that plaza busy, but never THAT busy. Most of the shops there are food - one grocery store, a few bakeries and tea places - the rest restaurants. About 5-10% (if that) are other - bank, masseuse, cell phone, etc.

I managed to find a parking spot on the other side of the lot and walk over. (Yay exercise!) I was directed to the banquet room in the back and immediately saw the guest of honor dressed in her adorable little red dress. I gave her hugs and kisses first and then hugged her parents... and then it was off to my table with mutual friends I hadn't seen in a while.

At the table, we were chatting away, and I kept touching knees with Melanie to my left and Alvin to my right. After a while, I apologized on my 'manspreading' and everyone was like 'yeah it's a bit snug here' or 'no worries, it's okay.' One person had to leave for work so we all spread out a bit, and it was better.


When it's a potluck or buffet, I try to take small portions of everything that I'm interested in trying out... but just as I thought it was over, they'd bring out more food. I think I had duck, pork, fish, jellyfish, seafood soup, lobster, noodles, vegetables, 7up, tea... and my red egg. (I didn't have any ginger... I don't react well to straight/pure ginger.).

By the time the red bean soup came out, I was done.

I stayed for a few hours - by the time I left, the place had cleared out by about half or so. I went in search of my Christmas tree.

Someone please tell me why all small trees are pre-lit whereas a good majority of the larger trees are not? Seriously. It's annoying as frak!

Anyway, I thought about waiting until Wednesday to check with Target, but I was growing impatient and there was always the option of a 'no' - so I hopped about to 5-6 different stores (pit stop at Starbucks to refuel somewhere in the middle of all that) and then I buckled and bought a pre-lit 4ft tree. I only buckled since looking at all of the display trees, I saw there was a way to take all the lights off (since they were either clipped in place or wrapped around branches a few times).

Feeling slightly accomplished and triumphant, I bought a 4ft pre-lit cashmere tree from Big Lots (and it was on sale... woot!) Back at home, I changed into my jammies, grabbed some snack, and set to work.

It didn't take too long to assemble the tree itself, but the untangling of the lights was your typical pain in the ass. Part of it in the end was my fault since I thought it was one continuous strand when in fact the top and bottom half of the tree had forked sections. Like the bottom half was just one strand where the top half had a strand that split off into three different directions from the plug... causing it to be a pain in the ass to sort after I removed them with the swiftness.

Yeah, I knew it was too good to be true.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and binge-watch the last 3 episodes of the new Gilmore Girls (I had watched the first episode at my mother's over the holidays). I'll most likely be up late. LOL!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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