Monday, March 19, 2012

Never Enough Time... EVER!

'Cause who wants to be right as rain
It's better when something is wrong
I get excitement in my bones
Even though everything's a strain
-from the song "Right As Rain" by Adele

Let's see.  Today is the 18th.  My last post was on the 3rd.  (I'm tired so give me a minute to do the math.)  So yeah, that's 15 days - roughly two weeks - since I've posted here. 

Ta-frakkin-da!  Here I am.

Yeah, I know you missed me.  You don't have to say it.  I know.

Did I mention I'm tired?

My insomnia has been bullying me lately, and I really don't like it.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I have been standing up for myself as best I can, but dammit, she keeps on winning.  (Bitch!)

The daylight savings shift really didn't help matters.  I used to consider it a good night when I'd pass out around 1am or 2am.  Now I'm happy if I can fall asleep before the sun comes up.  Most nights as of late I manage to be tired enough to fall asleep just when the sun is rising.  I hear ducks and geese flying about, and my housemates start to get up around then.  The dogs start barking, the landlady goes to check on the older gentleman who lives with us that she takes care of, and he has no idea how to speak or walk softly, I hear conversations, animal chatter, the garbage truck if its trash day...

Eventually I knock out due to (my best guess) exhaustion - like my body just says "insomnia be damned, I can't do this any more" and shuts down as if I were Data and someone hit that switch on my back...

Star Trek: The Next Generation?  Anyone?  Oh well.

And then there are those people that think they know what's best for me, vomiting up their suggestions as if I haven't tried everything already.  In truth, I'm sure I haven't tried everything, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

I've done teas, tinctures, hot baths/showers, sleep aids, going for long walks, alcohol... I've even stayed up all day if I haven't gone to bed yet in attempts to get back to a decent sleep schedule.

Result?: Complete and utter FAIL! 

I hate it.

The plus side to being awake when I really should be (want to be) sleeping is that I get caught up on my Hulu viewing as well as some of my writing.

Let's do an update on that right now, shall we?  Before I head off again into non-writing rambles.
I still need to work on Kai, Kearie and Penelope's stories as well as the short story of Pol.

(and now we take a break so I can take a FaceTime call with my brother and my niece)

they had to call back since we were having sound issues
and occasionally my brother forgets we don't eat our young
even Fancy Nancy came to the party
At one point my niece took the Star Trek phaser and kept shooting Fancy Nancy with it.  After each time, she'd say, "Oh no.  Now you got to go to the hospital!"

Love that little girl.

And I never look good in that little box.  Ugh.

(due to the late hour and occasional sound difficulties, we ended the call... which now leaves this post to be dated for the 19th which makes the time lapse from the last post 16 days... but anyway - back to my post)

Don't Kill the Messenger took a while due to Daylight Savings crap.  I would have every intention of working on the story but would be too tired from running errands or the minibook having issues, etc.  A happy thing was that I'd have ideas for the story, but then I'd be too tired to function.

If I could just have a computer note-taking system that could read my brainwaves like Gert's pet raptor Old Lace.

Runaways?  Anyone?  Sheesh.

In addition to writing all that (which is just a self-made goal and no deadline given to me by some magazine or publishing house), I have another story which I've given myself until the end of the month to do for my friend Chris M.  I've put that as a higher priority than the Pol story so hopefully I'll get the three remaining story blog updates done leaving me the rest of the month to work on his story.

And then there are my novels.

Oh my kiddies.  (I'm such a bad mother.)

I thought it was funny that my friend Kevin Z. this past Saturday at a St. Patty's Day party commented on how I write too much, and I had to laugh.  He's more of a blogger than a writer I suppose, and occasionally checks out my blog and I guess he recently saw all my updates on my story blogs.  Now bless him for thinking I write too much but really comparatively to a novel, it's really not all that much.  But still... for someone to say I write a lot kinda makes me happy.

Other stuff has been going on in my life that has added random stresses to me and my heart, but I'll be fine, I'm sure.  I'm a fighter, and I'm hopeful things will work out... and hopefully they will work out soon.

But until then, I think I'm going to get back to writing... or maybe make an attempt at some sleep?

In either case...
good night kisses
Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Been A While...

"And everything I can't remember
As fucked up as it all may seem
The consequences that I've rendered
I've stretched myself beyond my means"
-from the song "It's Been A While" by Staind

February 13th.  Really?  Man, do I suck!

Okay, so here's an update that I've been thinking about for a while though I haven't gotten to since... well... now.

February was an odd month for me, and even though it's usually short a few days than a regular month, my mind immediately thought "oh crap... I have less time than I did in January".

The goal for updating all my story blogs (and non-story ones) on a more regular basis started off beautifully... though honestly the short story killed me a little bit.  I had to go through each story blog and reacquaint myself with what the kids had been up to.  I made notes and now hopefully moving forward it will take less time.

But damn those Wheels-O-Wonder short stories.  They get me every time.

So... I have amended my "update" goal since my brain is about to explode.

Originally I didn't think I'd be able to update everything every single month, but when I pulled it off for January, I had hopes.  Then February hit (not going to get into it, but some of it had to do with health issues, a failed attempt at trying to donate platelets, and an out of town family visit).  Already somewhat of a short month (not really), I tried working on the short story first since it usually took the longest, but then I found myself stuck - constantly starting and stopping.  I tried to tell myself just to keep writing, but things weren't working out.  Nevertheless, I have an idea for the story - it's just taking longer than usual.

In the meantime I worked on other stuff and pretty much updated most of everything by the end of the month (some posted in the first three days of March), but the short story was still an issue.

I even added three new story blogs (yeah, what was I thinking, right?), and updated those.

Hey look at me.  I'm babbling.  (What a shocker.)

Anyway, the new goal is this: I will try and update the story blogs as best I can on a monthly basis.  The short story blog I will do my best to update on a bi-monthly basis.

Ta-da!  Brilliant!... until it is not.

I need to work through my road block when it comes to the short stories.  Ugh.  I took up the challenge since the randomness of the prompt generator was a challenge in itself spewing out weird shit with every spin.  (One of these days I'll post a picture of the damn thing so y'all can see what I'm talking about.)  When I wrote Antonina, I thought I started off strong, but it didn't end well.  I think I did the violence okay, but overall, I didn't think it gelled with the first half and strayed from the premise/prompt altogether.  But it was my first shot, so I thought it was okay for a first shot.  Right?

And then I wrote Jacob which I thought was better.  It stayed with the premise/prompt for the most part (at least that's how I feel), but it took even longer than the Antonina story. 

The next one I'm currently working on is quite interesting although is proving just as difficult.  If I could just get "Pol" to gel at the beginning a little more (it's currently in blurbs), then maybe I can get it to flow a little better.

Or maybe I'm just not good with short stories?

All righty, I haven't decided if I want to continue updating my social network (Facebook, LJ, Google+ and Twitter) with every story I write or just post them on this blog and hope that everyone reads it and goes to the links.

Nevertheless, the update (in no particular order)...

  • Nedea is now up to part ten
  • Stoically Challenged was updated twice with drabbles and Charlie & Daphne
  • Della is now at part four
  • The Strange Adventures of Princess Blue is up to part twenty (which makes me smile as well as amazes me a little since it just started off as a little story to cheer up a friend)
  • The Curly Muse got a poem
  • a boy, a girl, and a line... got the Charlie & Daphne story (Killed two story birds with one... story.  I took Chris M's boy/girl/line and incorporated it into one of Alithea S's homework assignments.  Ta-da!)
  • Real Life I (just) Made Up got an Impromptu Sleepover - which makes it up to part ten, I think.  (I'm seriously thinking of changing the title, etc, of this story blog since it's changed considerably from its original intent.)
  • Tales of the Unemployed and Unloved is now up to part six
  • Enyo is now up to part eleven
  • Sanya is up to part eleven 
  • Everything At Least Once talks about bacon soda 
And then the three new ones that I added to start work on last month...
So yeah, that may look like a lot of writing... but... yeah, okay, it is. 

Now a friend of mine (Chris M.) asked me to write him a three page story that he could make a short film out of.  (Yeah, no pressure.)  So I have an idea for it, but I need to sit down and really flesh it out.  From our conversation about it, it's pretty simple for the most part.  Hopefully I can get it to him some time this month.  That'd be swell.

In novel news, yeah... I've been thinking about Chloe and Abby a lot lately and have sort of rewritten a scene for Abby (in my mind) as well as plotted out a few scenes for Chloe (in my mind), but with all the work on the other stuff, I haven't written much for my girls.

What kind of mother am I?  (Don't answer that.  I'm fabulous.  End of story.)

I also haven't read much lately which saddens me since I love books, but I've been writing so much, I don't have time to invest in a book or two or several... like I want.

Why does the time-turner from Harry Potter that Hermione used not exist?  Or perhaps I need a Tardis.  Or just more time in the day.  Or more than one of me.

No.  Not more than one of me.  I don't think the world can handle it.  I can barely handle myself... and I am me.

Wow.  Getting weird again.

So many things to write.  So little time... or at least it feels like that.

And there's that story I was working on with Jim G. that sort of took a backseat to life and other things.

(stream of obscenities that would make sailors blush)

So yeah.  That happened.

All right.  So that's all my writing news as of late.  Right now I'm getting ready to hit the library and a couple other places for some quick errands before I meet up with some friends for some hot toddies and a movie.

That's a lot of "some" going on in that last bit.

I need food... or a smoothie... or a giant bowl of mochi... or a steak...

(Can you tell I'm PMS'ing?)

Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!