Thursday, May 30, 2013

Since I Had the Time & You LOVE Me...

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
-Ernest Hemingway

So it's lunch time again, and I'm really quite tired.

The BIG WHAMMY that I perpetrated Tuesday night was to surprise my niece and attend her Pre-K graduation. The plan was to leave work Tuesday night, head straight to Fresno, about halfway call my mom to let her know I was coming, and then just show up Wednesday morning at my brother's place to surprise my favorite girl in the world.

As I was cleaning up at work and getting ready to lock up and head out, my phone goes off. It's my brother - who handed the phone off to my niece who said "Are you coming to my graduation Auntie Rachel? It's tomorrow morning!" So I professed that I was, and we chatted for a couple minutes before my brother took the phone and said, "Oh. Was it supposed to be a surprise? I didn't know."

Here's the thing about surprises. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM. THAT's why they're SURPRISES!!!

But I digress.

So I called my mom when I got in the car and updated her on the whole deal and then headed on out of town.

Made it to my mom's, went to bed, woke up early and got ready for my niece. All I knew was that we were meeting up at my brother's place. (Didn't realize we were carpooling.) At my mom's place, she made us a snack before we left, and in true mom fashion, she kept pointing out the time as if I was totally unaware of what was going on. I managed not to snap and say "I drove three hours to see my niece graduate. I'm pretty sure I'm aware of what the time is."

As we piled everyone in the car, my brother took the driver's seat and headed out to Clovis where the ceremony was going to take place which was in a classroom of sorts. Reminded me of my kindergarten room back in Fontana... maybe a little bigger. The graduates walked in wearing cute little caps and gowns and sat down in their respective groups. Bella and another girl from the other group led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. (I had never heard the beginning "Red White and Blue. We love you." before. The graduates recited nursery rhymes and sang songs. (There was this rainbow song that I started to get a little misty when I watched her sing it. Sheesh. I'm such a softie.)

After diplomas were handed out and pictures were taken and cookies and lemonade were snacked on, we all left for lunch. I remember playing with Bella, chasing her around since she always like to run off saying "You can't get me!" I heard a lady ask my sister-in-law something to which the answer was, "That's her Auntie" in a That's just Auntie Rachel kind of way.

We lunched. We napped. We visited some more. (I finally gave her my graduation presents for her which included a lot of little things including Specs Read A Lot and Tea Biscuit.) We played a little, I protected her from the dreaded blue balloon she took home from graduation, my mom made pork adobo, and then it was off on the road homeward bound.

My cat missed me a lot. And it was only one night!

Today so far has been a good day though I'm a little bummed. Initially when I got my NERDHQ volunteer email saying they wouldn't be needing me this year, I genuinely got a little down, but hey... I can't take it personally, right? I can't assume I'll be chosen every year. The fact that the event is going on this year is awesomesauce enough. I got a couple of my fellow nerds ask if I was going to make it to San Diego anyway, and I can't say for sure now since I got an email from the lead that does the scheduling saying even though I asked for the time off MONTHS in advance, I might not even get it since there are other pending requests for July. So yeah... a little meh about the whole thing.

Okay. Different topic.

Playing out scenes in my head from my novel I worked on for NaNoWriMo a few years ago. It involves a game that I watched my friends play at my friend's comic book shop. (Yeah. I got a friend who owns a comic book shop. I'm THAT cool!) Still working on the end reveal. It keeps changing. Driving me nuts. It's just not quite right. And the lead up? I got work on that some, too.

So here I sit, eating butter chicken leftovers, drinking Sugar Free Red Bull mixed with juice, trying to stay awake and wishing I could just have a big bottle of naptime. (A little hot sex with a hottie of my choice wouldn't hurt either.)

Holy crap! Did I say that out loud? Bow chicka wow wow.

Well it's almost time to clock back in so I'll check y'all later.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Listening to Sinatra Cuz the Lady Is A Tramp

Sally Dugan: What are you gonna do?
Laurel Ayres: I'm gonna perpetrate a great big whammy!
-from the movie "The Associate"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. There was no Friday or Monday post.

Me Rae. Me bad. Ba-Chomp. Ba Chewy Chomp.

Now that's out of the way.

Here's a random blog post to make up for no Friday or Monday love. (Awww yeah. Ya feel that? It's like a hug made of cupcakes and rainbows. I love all y'all that much.)

So I'm closing tonight... which means I didn't order lunch which would have been here by now and made me a much happier person than I currently am. Instead I am noshing on blueberry belVita breakfast biscuits that shall tide me over until dinner gets here in a couple hours.

Haven't done much writing lately. More thinking about it than actually typing or writing. The past few days have been a little busy. Thursday was Dusty's World, Friday was a graduation party, Saturday was a birthday party, and Sunday was work (closing shift - after which I caught the last show of OZ at the cheapy theatre since morbid curiosity got the better of me and no one is gonna be able to review/describe it in a way that I'm gonna truly get). Recently got an email that kind of bummed me out, but we'll see what happens to my July this year.

Yesterday my holiday was spent working 12pm-5pm. There was a BBQ I didn't know about that some of the drivers set up (yummy yummy food stuff) as well as a beer or two (Shhh! Don't tell anyone.) Ran a couple errands after before heading home where laundry awaited me.

On a total random note: I am finding it more and more difficult to not to want to punt my landladies dogs across the house. It used to be the one rebel from the pack (who when Mom and Dad aren't home hides from me all scaredy-dog-like), but now it's her littlest edition whose tail just spazzes out and looks like a tiny cartoon dog that  bounces when she barks. There's also the only boy dog that comes up and jumps up on me wanting to play WHILE he's barking at me. I keep thinking of going to a pet store and wondering if there's some doggie cologne or whatever that will calm them the frak out every time they see me.

Back to other stuff...

So while waiting for my clothes, I did some picture uploading, some reading, some Hulu watching as well as some plotting and planning. While tinkering around my room, I thought I heard it raining a bit outside which it totally looked like it was going to, but never did when I was outside. I didn't bother going out to check since I didn't want to activate the dogs.

I also plotted and planned. I think I did it so much so that this morning I had to go back into the house because I forgot something. The wrath of the doggies was ridiculous. (Oh how I dream for my own place, but the Bay Area and the economy make it difficult to realize that dream, but someday...)

And now I'm at work. Lunch is almost over and my plotting and planning will commence soon.

*maniacal laugh... maniacal laugh...*

Okay. I think I'm done with this now. On to plot and plan some more. *waves*

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Crazy Is Paisley & I'm A Banana!

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
-Charles Dickens

Unless - of course - the lightener hasn't been writing lately leaving her with no way to lighten anybody's day aside from her presence... and who really wants that?

Yeah. I'm in a mood.

Hello ladies and jellyspoons and all around sexy cats!

I'm on the tale end of my lunch after a department meeting to say... well, nothing really.

No I haven't really written anything yet. Still conspiring mentally with ideas that will one day (hopefully) become a story or two or several and MILLIONS!!!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Over the weekend, I visited Makers Faire at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. Saw some cute stuff, some neat things, but the best part was that I got to spend time Kevan F, Greg L and Kathy W. We ended up not staying long since Kathy needed a nap before game that night, and we showed up to have Kevan at First Aid since he stepped in a hole and did something to his ankle. The walking around was making his ankle grumpy, Kathy was losing energy, I think Greg was tired, and in all honesty I was losing steam as well. We made it through half a day at least though no trip to the pub across the way. Ended up having a beer at Kathy's... after I ended up passing out from an unplanned nap. Kathy passed out on the couch, and I passed out on Geoff T's LoveSac (aka giant beanbag). I fought it for as long as I could, but in the end, the last thing I remember seeing was Kathy knocked out on the couch, and I quickly followed suit.

We woke up a couple hours later, I had my beer, I left early to make it to Milk Pail since I was in the area, and they were closing within the next hour. I grabbed my goodies then headed over to Jim and Leah's to keep the kitties while they the humans went to game... and also to catch up on Game of Thrones. (Now I'm just behind on last Sunday's episode.)

Got the new thumb drive from Josh H but the minibook doesn't seem to like it so now it's the waiting game to see when I can hook up with him to see if he can work his magic OR if the laptop gods bless me with a present.

Sunday was brunch with Kevan, Greg, Kathy and Steve C. Yummy food, great company and BACON!!! Then we walked brunch off by a stroll around the outside mall looking at the awesome architectural playhouses on display. We kept fantasizing about which ones we would explode (which Kevan and I immediately thought "destruction" where everyone else thought "make adult size to live in"... which is good, too).

After seeing all the houses, Kevan and Greg headed home, and me, Kathy and Steve headed back to the market to pick up a few things. I got a cafe latte espresso coconut water, an all natural chili chocolate bar and dried whole bananas. (I like the whole dried bananas WAY better than the banana chips. Tastier and chewier... though they look a little snake-like in the container. I got a lot of "What are you EATING?" when I was snacking on them at the office.)

The three of us parted ways - Kathy and Steve to watch Star Trek Into Darkness (great frakkin movie) & me to head home and veg out. I ended up passing out. I'd been on GO for a while with not enough sleep so once my body sensed me stop?... it STOPPED.

Now my body is tired again due to the impending doom of powerloss... which happened TWICE last month and Aunt Flow decided to base the timing of this month's visit from our second encounter in April.

I REALLY need to get back on the pill. Sheesh!

So nothing much else to report. There's work, various shindigs to try and make it to, I am in serious need of a manicure, and my sinuses (although better) are still driving me crazy. My niece is graduating Pre-K next week Wednesday morning. Doubt I'll be able to make it, but I'll try and work something out. Though I've been closing Tuesday nights so if I were to manage to get that Wednesday off, I'd be trekking out to Fresno after close again... like the night I got hit...

*stops thought right there*

What else happened today?...

Oh yeah. Came home after work to pull up face to face with a fire truck.

Afer work, I hit Cost Plus World Market and thought about buying a watch a co-worker has but then couldn't remember which one she had, and they had only a few different styles... ANYWAY I got a few snacky bits and headed home.

My usual routine is to pull up alongside the curb in front of the house and then reverse back until I'm in front of my landlady's husband's car (he parks at the curb closest to the driveway). I pull up, fire truck turns the corner and pulls right in front of me.

My initial reaction is to pull over and get out of the way, but I was already pulled over. Wondering what to do, they stopped about a car length before me and the guy in the passenger side waved at me to say I was okay. I continued to reverse, cut the engine and waited.

Yep. They were going to my house.

I gathered my things and walked in. Landlady's husband said something was going on with WH (the elderly man that lives with us that my landlady takes care of). He was hurting so they called for an ambulance. Firemen arrived first to assess WH. Later the ambulance arrived and they took WH to the hospital to get him sorted out.

It'll be weird not hearing his snores drift over from the other room.

I seriously hope he's okay. He's a sweet fella.

All right. I'm done babbling. Gonna relax with some Hulu before bed.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reading, Writing and That's All For Now

Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.
-Victoria Holt

Hey chicks and dudes. It's me again. On a Monday. Feelin' hella bloated and hella snacky.

Right now? I'm snacking on some Thai curry cheese courtesy of the Milk Pail Market. Finally got a chance to stop by there, and OMFG!!! THE CHEESE!!! (I blame and thank you John G for encouraging my already brewing curiosity for the place).

I got a yummy smoked salmon spread and some croissants. I also got some cheese: an aged very sharp white cheddar along with the Thai curry cheese. Both are tasty.

I also got some nougat with strawberries as well as some dried and seasoned corn kernels.

That place was just so tiny but so full of yummy goodness. I was a good girl and only got a few things. Just a few. *grin*

No writing done, I'm afraid, though a lot of mental plotting has been afoot.

I have been mentally tinkering around with my two novels - "Abby" and "Chloe" as well as playing around with a couple old ideas that I never really did anything with back then though the ideas of these two stories have been with me for a while, one since around high school or junior high at least.

I need to type faster... or plug into a computer Matrix-style and be Neo if he were the one... writer.

I've acquired some books - both audio and paper.
  • my audio collection consists of some Christopher Moore, the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, "Chicagoland Vampires" series by Chloe Neill, and I think I still have some "Night Huntress" books by Jeaniene Frost to get through.
  • Read the first two graphic novels of Locke & Key. (I WANT TO LIVE IN THAT HOUSE!!!)
  • Grabbed "Flirt" by Laurell K. Hamilton off the bargain rack (I'm SO behind on my Anita Blake).
  • Need to get caught up on my Dresden Files, too. Never got to finish "Cold Days" (book 14) - life and insomnia got in the way so I had to give Aaron C his copy back. "Skin Game" (book 15) doesn't have a release date so I'm hoping I'll be finishing the previous book before that one comes out. (Also looking forward to his upcoming Steampunk series.) 
  • The last Sookie Stackhouse book is out, and I want it, but that pretty treat is going to have to wait.
  • Along with "Flirt", I got "Odd Apocalypse" just to have in my possession so when I get around to it, it's there. I love the Odd series. Also a huge Dean Koontz fan. Nervous about the movie, but I'm keeping an open mind.
  • Kathy W recently gave me an extra copy of "Little (grrl) Lost" by Charles de Lint. He's great though I've only gotten around to reading his collection "Moonlight & Vines" as well as "The Blue Girl". Really need to fix that.
  • Just noticed that I'm missing a few books by the lovely Molly Harper. I could never find a copy of "And One Last Thing" at the library. Also need to get "The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires". Is "A Witch's Handbooks to Kisses and Curses" out? Also don't have "My Bluegrass Baby".
I really should be writing though.

Got a manicure a few weeks ago, and since them my nails have grown like a weed! They're too long to be functional for my typing needs. Also snapping my fingers has become a pain. I'm digging my thumb nail into my other finger and let me just say... NO BUENO!!!

Okay, so I should probably stop blogging. Lunch is almost over, and I think I've babbled about "words and stories" in some form or another for long enough. Hopefully I can keep this up for Wednesday. Woo hoo.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rae Rae Go Cray Cray

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
-Thomas Edison

Sure, Edison wasn't a writer, but... oh you get the gist.

Top story in today's news? -- Allergies can suck my giant wang!

Now that THAT's out of the way... on to posty updatey kind of things... *grin*
Would ya look at that? Yup. Two little posty things. Story blog stuff. Yeah. I'm kind of excited. Not holding my breath, but it's progress at least.

In other news, I'm in a slightly grumpy mood because some people are d-bags that can suck my wang right alongside my allergies. (You guessed it. I'm at work.) But I'm trying to forget that dumbshits exist. Eating leftover fried rice and lumpia courtesy of my Nanay is helping.

Last weekend was a surprise visit to Fresno to visit family. First it was just "Hey! I have Saturday and Sunday off. I'm going to see my niece!" Then it was, "Hey! It's also Mother's Day weekend. Let's do this!" So I jetted off after work with a minor pee break in Gustine (or the exit that says Gustine) and continued on to the 'No.

My brother was in Turlock with his boys and my mom and her husband were playing backgammon in Kerman. Hung out with my sister-in-law and niece for a bit before letting them get some sleep and headed to my mom's. Her and her husband weren't home so I made myself comfortable. Out of paranoia, I called and left messages as well as left a note on the door since I didn't want them wigging out that someone was in their house and called the cops on a Goldilocks type break-in. I remember hearing them come home and my mom asking me questions (with me barely answering her in sleep-babble). I had also zonked out early (well, early for me) due to Fresno weather doing bad, bad things to my sinuses.

Saturday my mom was babysitting Bella for the day. She had the little one wake me up whens she got there at 10am (although I was already awake and was ready for her to come running in giggling Auntie Rachel, Auntie Rachel, wake up!). Mom wanted to go shopping so I showered and dressed and we traipsed about town. Per usual, my mom played the role of Jeeves as I sat in the back with Bella, and my mother highly enjoyed me and my niece being ridiculously silly.

My niece apparently has this thing about red cars. She said, "Auntie Rachel, let's look for red cars." And then every single time she saw one, she'd explode like when everyone would scream when someone said the secret word on Pee Wee's Playhouse. I remember thinking the game was over and the BOOM! "RED!"

By the time we got back to the condo, my nose and head were not having a good time. I passed out a couple of times due to heat/fatigue/sinus-issues for roughly about an hour (one of those times since Bella had told me she wanted to take a nap). Woke up to find Mom and Bella playing. So cute. And I see her with some of my old toys, and I see how careful she is with them so that makes me happy since I'd like to keep some of the toys from when I was a kid.

Took my mom out to lunch for Mommy's Day. She chose Denny's. We had bacon. (Sh! Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.) She ended up giving me the rest of her bacon after she had a few strips. Not sure why she ordered the Baconalia item with the most bacon if she was only going to have a few. I think it was to give me the rest since she knows how much I nummy-nummy-lovey bacon. (In a way, it's one of the many ways she tells me she loves me. With PORK!) *grin*

Totally random, but I think it's interesting that after the first run through of the Baconalia menu where I'd ask various Denny's to blend together the bacon sundae and make it a shake. Guess what item they have on the menu now? Awww yeah! A frakkin shake! (I like to think I had something to do with that.) *high fives self*

They also have this brownie thing... looks great. When I pointed it out to my mom, she looked like she feared for my life. I had to tell her I don't have these kinds of things every day and just because I point them out and say I like them, I don't devour them shortly after. That seemed to make her feel better.

Back to my niece.

So I decided to head back home after the sun took a header later in the day to cut down on the frakkin heat I'd have to suffer through. (Something up with the A/C in the car.) My brother brought my niece over, and she and I played a bit.

I feel I'm a good influence on the little munchkin. I'm helping her embrace her inner freak. She's already creative and imaginative and sharing and loving (of course, she comes from a fantastic stock of DNA), but it got to the point where she accepted being weird/different was a good thing. She'd be silly, and I'd say, "You're a weirdo," and she'd counter with, "No, you are," while giggling and then the obvious silly repetitive dialogue would play out for a while.

While goofing off with her Sunday night, I accidentally bonked my head against the back of hers. We were both fine, but I joked and said, "I'm seeing stars." Later I showed my mom, and she asked what happened. I told her, and Bella said with a big grin and giggle, "She hit her head on my head."

The corner of my right eyebrow is still a little bruisey-feeling where we knocked noggins, but it's all good. In fact, it makes me smile every time I accidentally touch it, wince a little, and then quickly remember how I got it in the first place.

All in all (sinus drama aside) I had a lovely weekend, and now it's back to the grindstone.

Work, work, work.

Dreams of sleep, sleep, sleep...

Work this week has been interesting. We are currently short a couple peeps since one girl pretty much left for two weeks with not much word on why/whatever and another girl put in her two weeks (this being her last) since she got another job somewhere. We've been lacking coverage, but we've been making due. From what I hear, we're getting a temp next week so that'll help some. Due to the limited peeps in my department, the schedule has been going out week to week as opposed to the usual month to month. Gotta look at my planner now to see if there are things that I can make that I was invited to.

This Wednesday I was debating on if I wanted to try and see Star Trek Into Darkness, but I was so damn tired by the end of the work day, I was thinking of just crawling into bed and dying. I had resigned myself to seeing it sometime during the weekend or after.

And then Jimbo called. Since I was working, the phone was on silent, and I let it go to voicemail. It was almost the end of my shift (maybe 20 more minutes). I'd ping him then to see what he wanted.

Then the texting started.

Jimbo: Marco!!
Raebo: Wassup? Still at the office yo!
Jimbo: You want to see Star Trek at 8pm for $5?
Raebo: Tonight?
Jimbo: Yep. What time you get off?
Raebo: 6:30pm
Jimbo: Soooo $5 for IMAX showing. 
Jimbo: Person here has an extra ticket. 
Jimbo: Say yes! :)
Raebo: Yes please. Wait. IT's at the Tech Museum, right?
Jimbo: Nope. Mercado.
Raebo: Oh damn. Yes please. Just need to stop by an ATM.
Jimbo: Kk. PS ticket just went to you for free.
Raebo: Awww. Yay!
Raebo: Am I meeting you and the Mrs?
Jimbo: Yes. We both here.
Jimbo: And our new friends Jen, Jess and Darryn.
Raebo: Oh you there already? Cool. Heading out now.
Jimbo: Yes. First in line.

Bumped into the lovely Sam D when I got there. It was weird hearing "Rae" and then looking up to see someone I usually chat with on Twitter/Facebook. It was quite nice to see her. Totally loved her shirt, too. *grin* After the movie, we fangirl'd over the movie and also some LEVERAGE and other overlapping loves. We also chatted about NERDHQ (which I put it for time off at work for already).

*fingerscrossed on being a volunteer*

The next night (last night), I went to see a youth musical production of PHANTOM (and I don't mean that as an abbreviation of the more popular Andrew Lloyd Weber show... I mean PHANTOM. It was written by the same peeps who write NINE. I went with Rachell S (who had two tickets and doesn't like to go to shows alone). It wasn't until we got there that Rachell said she received an email that it was a youth cast (like high school to college ages). First we thought it was a play... then it was a musical... and now younguns. But DUDE! They had pipes! The guy that played the phantom - HOLY SHITSNACKS!!! He could SING!!! The chic that played Carlotta was wonderfully silly. Also the chic that played the brief flashback moment of being the phantom's mom? She sounded so pretty. (And is it wrong that I want a Ballet Misteress staff? That thing looks awesome!)

Still looking for a car. I'm hoping that issue will work itself out soon. I really do like the Kia Sol - cute and spacious but smaller than an actual SUV - but they are not in my price range. I also like the PT Cruiser, but I've been told by a few different people who don't know each other that they are not a good car to have. A tow guy who towed a friend's car recently to the dealership for repair said to look into Hondas, Toyotas and Subarus.

Wow. This post has gone on for a while, hasn't it? Oh dear. I think I'll sign off on this one for now. I can always babble at y'all another time.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!