Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Listening to Sinatra Cuz the Lady Is A Tramp

Sally Dugan: What are you gonna do?
Laurel Ayres: I'm gonna perpetrate a great big whammy!
-from the movie "The Associate"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. There was no Friday or Monday post.

Me Rae. Me bad. Ba-Chomp. Ba Chewy Chomp.

Now that's out of the way.

Here's a random blog post to make up for no Friday or Monday love. (Awww yeah. Ya feel that? It's like a hug made of cupcakes and rainbows. I love all y'all that much.)

So I'm closing tonight... which means I didn't order lunch which would have been here by now and made me a much happier person than I currently am. Instead I am noshing on blueberry belVita breakfast biscuits that shall tide me over until dinner gets here in a couple hours.

Haven't done much writing lately. More thinking about it than actually typing or writing. The past few days have been a little busy. Thursday was Dusty's World, Friday was a graduation party, Saturday was a birthday party, and Sunday was work (closing shift - after which I caught the last show of OZ at the cheapy theatre since morbid curiosity got the better of me and no one is gonna be able to review/describe it in a way that I'm gonna truly get). Recently got an email that kind of bummed me out, but we'll see what happens to my July this year.

Yesterday my holiday was spent working 12pm-5pm. There was a BBQ I didn't know about that some of the drivers set up (yummy yummy food stuff) as well as a beer or two (Shhh! Don't tell anyone.) Ran a couple errands after before heading home where laundry awaited me.

On a total random note: I am finding it more and more difficult to not to want to punt my landladies dogs across the house. It used to be the one rebel from the pack (who when Mom and Dad aren't home hides from me all scaredy-dog-like), but now it's her littlest edition whose tail just spazzes out and looks like a tiny cartoon dog that  bounces when she barks. There's also the only boy dog that comes up and jumps up on me wanting to play WHILE he's barking at me. I keep thinking of going to a pet store and wondering if there's some doggie cologne or whatever that will calm them the frak out every time they see me.

Back to other stuff...

So while waiting for my clothes, I did some picture uploading, some reading, some Hulu watching as well as some plotting and planning. While tinkering around my room, I thought I heard it raining a bit outside which it totally looked like it was going to, but never did when I was outside. I didn't bother going out to check since I didn't want to activate the dogs.

I also plotted and planned. I think I did it so much so that this morning I had to go back into the house because I forgot something. The wrath of the doggies was ridiculous. (Oh how I dream for my own place, but the Bay Area and the economy make it difficult to realize that dream, but someday...)

And now I'm at work. Lunch is almost over and my plotting and planning will commence soon.

*maniacal laugh... maniacal laugh...*

Okay. I think I'm done with this now. On to plot and plan some more. *waves*

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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