Friday, December 2, 2016

Blogmas - Day 2


Oh the weekend. How have I looked forward to thee?

Pushing work stuff aside, I have decided to get a tree. After work, I headed to Target and perused their holiday section and found the perfect little tree - 3-4ft, no lights (why are all fake trees pre-lit?), but when I went to look for it, it wasn't there. (All the sample trees were sitting on a table with all the boxed versions of them stacked underneath... and I couldn't find the one I wanted.)

And then there was the drama of stock. *headdesk*

So when I finally found an attendant, they explained how all the holiday items were out, but when I asked if we could check if a different location had the item I wanted, they said sure. Two men walked back to the holiday section with me, and they showed that there was one nearby at another location. I asked if they could call to have it held for me, and they said Guest Services could. So I took the code number, and waited in line, and the woman that helped me (one of three lovely women behind the counter) warned me that the location she was calling had hung up on her several times prior to me showing up. After getting through and being transferred to a number of people and departments, they said they didn't have any in stock. She found another code of a similar tree, and they didn't have that one either. The new code item she showed as having in-store and was having one brought up to look at. The original code I showed her from the pic on my phone wasn't showing up in her scanner which we both thought was weird. Eventually a man brought up the new code item, and I saw it was a different brand but the same price. We opened it up and saw it was a pre-lit tree. I decided against getting that one, and asked if it was possible to buy one of the display ones since there were two. She explained she couldn't since they were not "discontinued" but they would be getting more, and they're new stock comes in next week Wednesday if I wanted to call in and check.

Ugh, and now looking online, I see the one I was looking at shows as pre-lit, but the one on display wasn't... so dammit.

I finished up my shopping and headed home. I put away everything and set aside the Christmas tree items I bought since I was pretty decided I was going to get a damn tree... dammit.

Made myself some dinner - Evol Portabella and Goat Cheese Ravioli - made myself a cocktail (or two), and chilled out while zoning out on shows and YouTube.

Now it's time for sleep since I have a lunch event tomorrow.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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