Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lazy Days, Insomnia & Me-time

Today was a lazy day.

Went to bed about 6am - earplugs and sleep mask on.

Eventually passed out and woke up around 11am the first time but then 1-2pm the next time.

Oh, to sleep... feels so good.

Other than that, I've just been zoning out all day... playing Crossy Road on my phone, eating IHOP leftovers from the night before, and now I am contemplating on catching a late movie with one of my movie passes.

Got a Christmas card from one my old co-workers who mentioned her sister (who we also worked with) moved to Washington recently. I'm going to assume since I haven't officially spoken with her that it was her and her family and not just her.

Plotting/Planning my holidays and such. With now working nights, that leaves me pretty much a few hours before work and my days off to get shopping done. There is also my writing.

I have issues with telling people "no" sometimes... not in turning them down, but the grief I get sometimes when I do. It's like "I love you, but yeah, I'm going to take some time for me. I have family stuff that I need to take care of, and that comes first, so when I tell you that I don't know... that is the truth." I've experienced in the past where people just keep with the "oh come on, please" which can get tiring. My being naturally allows for a couple 'poke poke, you know you wanna go out' but after that, just take no as an answer. When I say "I will let you know" -- that is the truth. I have to now fit a whole mess of stuff into ONE DAY of errands, and with someone with insomnia? Dear gawd, good luck to me getting out of bed.

This whole new schedule has thrown my insomnia/sleep out of whack, and I wonder if I'll ever get it back.


Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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