Monday, December 1, 2014

Peace, Quiet & Potato Chips

Today is my first day doing the closing Monday through Friday thing. It felt weird being here in the evening. Quite a few people saw me and were asking me what I was doing here. I had to remind people that since PC left, I was given his schedule. (Not asked. Told.)

Anyway... it was all right. I'm going to try it out this month and see how it goes.

I am currently sitting at my desk... enjoying the quiet... and debating on getting some chips for home. Maybe. We'll see.

I'm thinking about going on a little adventure tomorrow before work. We shall see. Hopefully I wake up with enough time to do some small errands before heading to work.

See, that's my worry. The whole time thing.

When I work 9-5, I go to bed at whatever-insomniac-time and then alarm goes off, I'm up and headed to work. Then I run my errands after work... blah blah blah...

Back in the day - granted I didn't have a car back then - when I worked at the bookstore, I slept all day, then got up, went to work, came home (mostly walking to and from work if I couldn't catch the express bus which only ran one way in the morning and the other way at the end of the work day)... and did it all over again. Now I have a car, but I still have insomnia.

Oh well. What am I going to do? Meh?

I also have paperwork to fill out that is due on 12/8/14. I should get crackin' on that.

And now... I'm done babbling. I should leave the office now... even though I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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