Sunday, December 28, 2014

It All Started With Tacos...

Sunday was Taco Day at my mom's house.

It was also the day my niece FINALLY lost her tooth that had been loose for a while.

They came over around 3pm, and we ate and hung out. I played with my niece - we have a "who can touch the other's nose the most" game - and then they went back to their place since everyone was having a food coma and passing out. But also since my niece had been sick recently and was still taking meds on a timely schedule for it

I headed over there a little while after and played with my niece and my brother while my sister-in-low was on the computer. Then my bro and I headed out for "stogies and tea". Since it was a Sunday and the cigar places we usually go to - that we LIKE and PREFER to go to - close early, we ended up going to the liquor store down the street which has a huge humidor and cigar selection, but they don't really keep it up so we have dubbed it "The Boll Weevil Palace" since there old stuff - stuff with dust on it, etc, has the tendency to show evidence of the little critters rather it be chewed through cigars or droppings. That's probably a 10%-20% of their stock, but I usually stick to the newer items and don't even look at the stuff that's been there a while.

In any case, we got a cigar each and then headed to The Tower District to Teazers and ordered our usual and sat outside on our corner where we chatted about this and that. We thought about going to the place the location that was near the movie theatre, but my brother wasn't sure if we could smoke there.

The times we've been to Tower whether at Teazer's or even the brewing company down a block down, there's this Drunk Lady who's ALWAYS there. Twice she thought my brother and I were married. We thought of possibly avoiding her this time, and we were doing good... for a while... until we heard her down the street. (She has a very distinct voice/tone.) She came up asking us for fifty cents. We both said no, and she moved on. She crossed the street to the coffee place there, and I have NO idea if anyone gave her change. Then she proceeded down the street... only to come back up and ask us for fifty cents again. When we told her we had already spoke, she apologized and moved on.

She's usually wearing a bucket hat, slacks, socks, Birkenstocks, a t-shirt with a button-up shirt (left unbuttoned) over it... but in colder climes, she has a jacket.

It's amazing how this woman stays upright. She's all about the drink, and when she walks/stands, she reminds me of how Finn and Jake's arms go all wibbly-wobbly in Adventure Time. But that's her natural state. I'm almost afraid what she would be like sober.

I think next time my bro and I will be heading to the Teazer's by the movie theatre.

Then it was to the store on the way home to pick up juice for my niece. We got there, and she and I hung out a bit. She wrote a story, and my brother read it. (We think it was inspired by Stinky Cheese Man - a book she got for Christmas). It was cute, and I love her for it.

Then I got tons of hugs and kisses from her (since I'm going home tomorrow), and they watched me walk to my car from their living room window. Then I went back to my mom's where she dyed my hair for me, we played around with our phones, and then we all went to bed. (Well, I went to bed after I organized everything for the following morning's trek home.)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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