Friday, December 5, 2014

Good Days, Late Nights & Back Pains

This is weird. My Friday... is my Friday. Before Saturday was my Friday. But now? Friday is my Friday!!!


It's strange to have weekends off again. Granted I work the night shift but oh well.

And today was a good day at work. I didn't want to kill anyone. I got to go on lunch on time. I sat in my car listening to my audiobook (courtesy of Kathy). No one bothered me or micromanaged me. It was a pretty okay day. Plus I'm reasonably caught up on my production assignments so that's double plus good. Woot!

I've been getting out at 10pm most nights. I usually come home, snack on some nomnoms as I watch some shows before eventually passing out. I'm usually woken up by my landlady's dogs barking at who knows what...or my body just says "What?" and I check my phone and I still have a couple of hours before my alarm's gonna go off.

I really need to get a handle on this energy thing.

Either that or start carrying around a Red Bull/Rockstar IV-drip. The tired now usually doesn't hit me until either the end of the night or the end of my shift.

And my back is bothering me something fierce. It started around the holidays. I was about to head back to the gym at the first of this month, but with my back acting up, I don't think I'd last very long. As it is, my left ankle and knee were giving me grief last I was at the gym. The plan - as it stands - is next payday get a massage and then a day or two after that? GYM TIME!

My back pain just made me think of a co-worker - one of the new guys who's been in my department for 2-3 months now? There's this one black cushy chair in the conference room at the end of the table where I usually sit for out weekly meetings. Since one girl that used to sit in that chair transferred to a different department, I've been sitting in that chair. Now since this new guy - who's real nice we get along great - always sits there, and I give him shit. So last meeting, I snagged the chair, and he made the joke that he'd been in a car accident in SoCal several years ago. Before I could say anything, the lead of my department said, "Yeah, well she's been in a car accident like every week this year" or something like that. The new guy was quiet, and I turned to him and said, "Yeah, so what else ya got?"


I thought about it the other day... and I have been in four car accidents where the cars did not survive (but thankfully I did). So yeah. I can do without anymore of those, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Okay signing off on this. Was going to catch up on the last few episodes of "Haven" and get current, but alas, TIRED is winning.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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