Saturday, December 13, 2014

Doing Stuff & Getting Stuff Done

Since I'm quite tired, I will make this brief.

Slept until almost noon today. It was nice. Then I showered and got ready for errands, etc. I went to a few stores and then off to the bakery I'd been wanting to check out in Japantown to try and get some wagashi that I saw on YouTube.

The one I was mainly looking for kashiwa mochi (which is mochi made with rice flour and wrapped in an oak leaf) and sakura mochi (which is made with rice grains and wrapped in a pickled sakura leaf).

When I made it to the bakery, I ended up being disappointed since they don't have sakura until March... and they don't have kashiwa since they don't have the leaves for it.


In other news, I hit a couple of other stores, bumped into some people that I knew while I was out, then headed off to get a massage which my back/body greatly appreciated.

And then it was off to hang out with friends for a Gingerbread House Making Party. I got there late due to the massage and brought apple juice for a friend's daughter (playing with her reminded me of playing with my niece).

After the party, I headed home by way of the library to drop some due items off, then made it home for sleep. Tomorrow there are more plans/errands, and right now I need to pass out to try and rest up for all of them.


Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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