Thursday, December 4, 2014

Breathe, Relax & Don't Kill Anyone

Today was a good day... for the most part.

I woke up, showered, grabbed some lunch and headed off to the office.

Work was, well... work.

I got some production done... which was nice. I'm hoping to get a lot more done by the end of tomorrow since I'm off the next couple of days after. The new chic that assigns everything per a rotation schedule works the same days I do - just during the day. I usually have a few things extra from where I left off the day before. Right now I have it down to about 8 (from what used to be 20), but I have two of those items pending since I fixed them, just waiting to see if it needs more of a fix or if what I did was good enough... so I guess technically it's 6.

My manager gave the new girl a couple of my assignments... without telling me - which is okay, I guess, but I thought I was going crazy since they were on my printout the day before, and today I couldn't find them. I know one was time sensitive and was currently working on it, but hey, if she wants to take it, she can have it. (I do secretly feel justified that the update was taking so long since the restaurant had sort of been dicking around our marketing assistant. It's like "What? You want us to update your menu? Sure. Just send it in." Weeks and weeks go by and nothing. Then as soon as it comes in, we're supposed to bend over backwards to get it done. A part of me says "Okay" - but another part of me says "You made us wait. Now you wait."

I really need to find some more things to make me happy while at the office. Looking at the various pics of my niece I have at my desk isn't doing it anymore or just not having a strong enough effect which blows. Maybe I just need more current pics? Or maybe I just need a little bottle of Bella Hugs & Kisses to tap into when in need.

Now that my lunch is 30min as opposed to a full hour when I was working days, I don't really have any time to sit at my desk and write. And since the inside of the office irks me most days, I just take my phone and my lunch and go outside. Maybe now I'll just go on walks around the block - since there have been times when I'm out of the building and people have come to find me to ask me work questions. Perhaps I just need to go farther away from the building and turn my phone off. LOL!

Or maybe I should just start drinking more. Ha!

But for now, I think I'm getting better. Adjusting to nights is taking a bit to get used to. I keep thinking of when I worked at the bookstore. The treatment I got there still grates me and leaves me grumpy so maybe having the same shifts now that I did then are coloring my judgement. I'll try to work on that.

Last driver is done. Now to head to Kathy's for a late night cocktail before heading home.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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