Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sleepy-Sleep Nappy-Nap Time

Oh gawd! Make it stop!

It's "powerloss' time again where Aunt Flow decides to drop by for her monthly visit... and makes everything that kinds hurts HURT even more.

My back has been hurting for a while... since Thanksgiving. Sitting at a desk all day, driving everywhere... it doesn't help my back any. I try to walk during my lunch since now it's only 30min versus the full hour I had before. My back, head, sinuses, stomach and nethers are all not happy, and it's all just started.

About five days of every month, I feel like this. Mix nausea and fatigue into the batter, and you got yourself one frakked up cupcake, mister. Every month, I always crave meat. I'm assuming it's because of the iron. I'll be grabbing myself a burger on the way home and will do everything in my power to not gulp it down in one giant bite.

And the fatigue! Of course the girl with insomnia who naps whenever she can feels so zombie-riffic during that "not so special" time of the month, I'm surprised I've been awake this long. I do appreciate that work and various other things keep my mind active which in turn keeps me awake.

Maybe I just need a sleep transfusion.

A friend once mentioned how she wished there was a shot you could take -- like the 5 Hour Energy Shots -- which would be the equivalent to a nap. We were referring to it as Liquid Nap. For a while after I thought maybe an energy drink - which gives you energy and wakes you up - would sort of already be that, but then if you think about how you feel after a really good night's sleep?

Aw yeah bitches! Gimme some of that!

Okay. This post is running a little long, and I feel is bordering on ridiculous (I'm feeling a little sleep-drunk at the moment - you know that silly phase of sleepy before you either actually pass out of get hella pissed at anyone you see because for some reason or another you're denied sleep... don't act like you don't know... I see you).

More importantly, I am still without burger so I'm going to end this and get me some cow. *Moo*

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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