Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holidays, Family, and A Much Needed Nap

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far.

Me? I'm back at the office, and I'm SOOOOO tired.

Sat and bullshitted with a friend after work which got home around midnight. Started laundry (since I couldn't pack until I had clean stuff to pack). While laundry was going, I sat and tried to wrap presents, but I couldn't focus. I was REALLY tired to begin with since last night was pseudo-dead, and without something to keep my mind busy, I felt like an office zombie. (Ick.) Occasionally the drivers would come by and chat with me which woke me up... a bit... but aside from that, I was pretty much too pooped to pep/

I pushed myself to wrap gifts as my sole load of laundry dried. By the time everything was done (meaning gifts mostly wrapped and clothes out of the dryer), it was about 4:30am, and since I needed to be at work by 7am, I put everything down, set my alarm for about 5:15am, hit the lights and tried to get some quick quality sleep. I still needed to shower, dress, pack, load the car, and possibly get some food on the way to work.

I usually prep the night before - sort clothes for packing, vitamins, toiletries, laptop, etc - and with leaving everything for the morning of, I'm pretty sure I either forgot something or underpacked (as it stands, I forgot the cube for my iPhone charger, but my mom now has the same phone, so I think I'm okay there), but I'll make everything else work somehow.

It was SOOOO dead at work. There was the occasional phone call, but that wasn't until later. There was one Canada order I took care of about 30min into my shift, but all the other orders just sat there since the restaurants didn't open until 11am, so I had NOTHING to do except twiddle my thumbs and try not to fall into a coma. I finished stuffing some envelopes and heated up some breakfasts (I still had the chile and cheese tamales from Tamale Day that Terrie S gave me so that made up for not having time to grab some drive-thru on the way to the office). The latter half of my shift was spent watching the movie The Interview online. *grin*

I got to leave at 12pm and hit a 7-Eleven on the way out of town for water, Rockstars and snacks. I was fine the first third of the way there but had to pull over for a 15-20min power nap. (My one-two punch of Rockstar and 5-Hour Energy wasn't able to defeat the extreme lack of sleep/energy.) My brother had checked in with me as I was leaving work, and we had guesstimated that my eta would be about 3:30pm... and I made it. Woo hoo, me! (I felt much better after my nap and was singing showtunes as I cruised into town.)

Everyone met at 4pm. We ate, exchanged presents, and later had some homemade mud pie that my brother and niece made.

The past few years there has been a running theme of me crying over something my niece made me. This year during her free time at school, she decided to make me a Christmas card that just tugged at my heart strings. (Love that little weirdo.)

Comatose from food and a long day, my bro and his family eventually headed home. My mom and I had plans (I asked her if we were both up to it since we were both tired if she wanted to see Into the Woods later in the evening), but I wanted to nap. She didn't wake me, and by the time I moved from my nap (three luxurious dead hours), it was after the last showing, and my mom said it was late, she was tired, and we could do it later this weekend. (I woke up to her watching the Elvis DVD I got her. She reminded me of my brother as she kept telling me random facts about Elvis and the show and his life. My bro is like that with stuff he gets into. Long time ago when he was collecting Star Trek manuals, he would ask me, "You want to know how the tractor beam works?" I would say no, but he'd tell me anyway. Guess it runs in the family.)

My mom and I watched "Love, Actually" on cable (and toward the end her husband came into the living room wanting to watch something more substantial or entertaining... the movie was almost done, but I wouldn't have put it past him to grab the remote and change the channel). My mom thought it was cute. Then her husband got to watch his syndicated reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond". (Right before they started, I actually watched an episode of "Anger Management". Some of it was funny, but it felt too much like "Two and a Half Men" with the type of dialogue and humor, etc.)

I snacked on some of the fish leftovers my mom had made for dinner. Almost ate all of it, too, but stopped myself.

Nothing much else happened today. I had told my bro back in Thanksgiving that since I had a few days off for Christmas that I wanted to go to The Dust Bowl brew pub in Turlock. It's about 45min away, and he said sure. He has to do some work first, but we'll hook up later. His wife will be coming with us, and Mom will watch Bella.

So now I'm in my room writing. I played my "brain games" on my phone for the day - Elevate, Fit Brains, Luminosity, and Peak - and now I'm going to write some before I hit the sack.

Hope this post finds all y'all happy and healthy.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!


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