Monday, November 3, 2014

Letters to November ||| 3

Dear November,

Today was a long day. Perhaps it was because it started off with an errand and then graduated into an office day which I normally have off.

Now I'm at home, the chill of the night turning my feet to ice. I still have yet to find a decent pair of socks to comfort my feet's poor circulation in these colder months. Instead I am left to wear two or three pairs of socks just to keep my toes happy.

Work was... work. Most assignments are left pending until I hear from other people but first they have to return my calls or emails

Night comes quicker now that you're here. I kind of like that. Feels a little more normal to me - perhaps because by nature I am more nocturnal though the sun doesn't offend me much.

I often fantasize that days were longer - longer than the duration of 24 hours - yet we still only had to work 40 hours a week/8 hour shifts (mainly cuz that's what I'm used to now, but less hours at a better rate of pay would be wonderful as well - though that's just wishful fantasy thinking there).

Recently I was so tired at work that I thought it would be lovely just to have an eighth day of the week where all we did was sleep. That's usually what I do on my first day off, and I hate it because I feel like I've wasted the day away. If God can rest on the seventh day, humans can rest on the eighth day.

Yeah. I think I need some sleep. NaNoWriMo + Insomnia = Tired Rae Rae

I really need to write some tonight. Work didn't give me enough time to write. If I had the day off like originally expected, I would have hightailed it to the library and had some nice peace and quiet there, but no... that'll  have to wait until next week.

Okay, November, I shall leave you in hopes of making a dent in my daily word count. *waves*

Have Goodness!

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