Monday, November 17, 2014

Letters to November ||| 17

Dear November,

I'm currently at the library sharing a table with a tutor and one of her student. They're talking math. I remember math. I liked math in high school.

And who/what the hell just quacked?

Right now I'm trying to tap into the library's wifi but so far it's not liking me.

I've been working on my novel through Google docs, and I only recently figured out how to work offline. But still I can't figure out what the hell is going on...


Well, okay. I have been writing this letter to you, but for some reason my Google docs were not responding and that makes me rather unhappy seeing as the whole reason I came to the library was to sit at a grown up table and not have my lower back and my shoulders scream at me to knock it off.

So now I have my Songza app working its music magic, Google docs likes me, my phone is on silent and in my pocket, and everything is hunky dory. Sad that the library closer to my house was actually closed. I was hoping to check it out and possibly get an account there, but the library that I'm at is kinda my favorite. They need a high school wing though. I'm sure that are some kids - like the chic with the tutor at the table I'm at - that are here to learn, but there are others that just hang out here like it's a coffee shop or something. They make so much noise and make such a mess... there's a security guard that runs around patrolling the place. I've seen them actually have kids leave. Once I pulled up and saw a group of girls walking around outside the building. A group of boys were about to walk into the building and they saw the girls and asked why they weren't inside already. They said they weren't allowed in. The boys ended up not going in because apparently all they wanted to do was hang out with the girls, but they all seemed genuinely irritated that they just couldn't hang out inside. I'm fine if they want to hang out. Now if they can do that quietly without running around - yes, running around - then yeah, come on in.

But it's a LIBRARY!!! A quiet place. They even have signs up that are color-coated and that say what type of zone it is - like minimal noise, etc. Just be courteous to others around you. This is not your house. This is a public place. Treat others the way you would like to be treated... and I doubt that's like an inconsiderate douchebag.

Okay. The guard came by the area that I'm sitting in and did another round... and the last time she came by was maybe 5 minutes ago? I think I'll get to writing now.

Talk to you later November.

Have Goodness!

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