Thursday, November 20, 2014

Letters to November ||| 20

Dear November,

Today is my birthday.

What things happened today?


I dressed in a white v-neck t-shirt, jeans and sneakers but decided to apply a little make up that consisted of mascara and a nude lip balm. The "makeup" got a lot of notice and some compliments. One of my favorites - something like "You're lips look so pretty. What did you do?" Lipstick?

Apparently just wearing lipstick means I'm "all dressed up".

And I guess I don't look my age (which I would have thought I didn't act it, but whatever). I'm not one that actually cares about age. My body is old, the spirit is young. That's my thing.

It rained today which made me happy since I love the rain. It wasn't too bad though it did make traffic a little annoying on the way to get Kathy after work.

Kathy and I met Geoff at the college theatre to watch our friend Fredric in the play "First Person Shooter". It was good. And I really liked the theatre. Very cozy.

After the play, we all headed to the pub for grub and food. Steve met us there since he didn't come along for the play. And I have a separate birthday date with Jess since she ended up not going tonight either.

All in all, it was a nice cozy evening.

After the pub, we all went our separate ways. Immediately when I got home, I logged on to write you, November. And now I will cut this post short as I need to get some writing in before I eventually pass out. Right now I have a heat pack on my Charlie Horse from a couple days ago. (It's mostly gone. I'm just trying to help the knot untie itself.)

Talk to you later. :)

Have Goodness!

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