Saturday, November 29, 2014

Letters to November ||| 29

Dear November,

I'm currently sitting in the office all by myself. All orders are done, janitors have come and gone, and I am enjoying the peace and quiet as I quickly write this little letter to you.

This is my second to last letter to you, November, and I'm kind of sad about it. After tomorrow, I won't see you for another year. But you'll be back. You always are.

Nothing much to tell you today. I left my mom's house this morning, gassed up Nameless and headed home. Drove through some rain (and some crazy drivers) but made it to work on time.

Set out some cookies and biscotti that my mom sent me home with (an obscene amount) and noshed a little bit on the lunch she packed for me. I didn't eat it all. I'll save it for later.

Just enjoying the peace and quiet before I head home to crazy town.

I like this.

This is nice.

I still need to work on my writing though.

Sorry this is so short. But I'll write you again tomorrow. *waves*

Have Goodness!

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