Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Letters to November ||| 12

Dear November,

I just got home from and am feeling rather exhausted so I'm going to keep this brief (unlike yesterday's post).

Today was all right. We got another new guy in my department today, and per our department meeting, it sounds like there will two more new hires in days to come... I think.

So all in all, that's about 6 new people (including the two dudes that have been with us for a few weeks).

While I'm enjoying the idea of being fully staffed up and having one of the newbies be half CS and half production (concentrating only on the menus... huzzah!), I'm still a little worried about seating since they haven't really done anything yet to make new seating... which is NO BUENO at all! We broke down the one giant manager cube to make four little cubes (which are all occupied) and then there were the two cubes made later that are behind me... which are taken as well. I'm still waiting for them to tear down the one giant cube by the window. The IT guy comes in twice a week and sits there, but spends most of his time in the conference room with big boss guy talking about IT stuff. He just plugs in his laptop, works, unplugs and goes home. So there's REALLY no need, in my opinion, for him to have all that space to himself when in reality he only uses about a quarter (or even less) of it.

There was also talk about the schedule changing to accommodate the new people which worries me a little since my holiday schedule actually worked out really well. I'm just afraid now it's not going to. (I didn't get a chance to visit my family last month, and I am in desperate need of Bella hugs and kisses.)

My mom and her husband recently got iPhones so I know I'll be bothered with teaching my mother how to do things. Her husband is a little on the stubborn "I don't need anyone's help" side, and when I have helped him with stuff in the past, I don't remember ever getting a "thank you".

Getting caught up on my production tickets. I've been forgetting due dates and just pumping out the quickest assignments I can so I can spend the rest of my time on the "takes a frakkin lot of time" ones. (I miss the days when I could whittle my list down to nothing in two days and keep the average number of tickets under ten. *sigh*)

After work was nabbing Kathy W and heading to Geoff T's place where it was more of a full house than usual. There was his sister Alison T, friend Sierra and other friend Michael and his puppy Atlas. There was hummus and nachos and cocktails and shows. I helped re-light the pilot light in the oven. Then by the end of the night after I dropped Kathy at home, I just frakkin wanted to collapse.

But I wanted to talk to you first, November. I was quite close in not keeping up with my daily babble to you, but - if any other writing I do, I at least am keeping up with that.

But now I'm quickly fading. The momentary rainfall has faded away as am I, and I shall see you tomorrow.

Have Goodness!

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