Sunday, November 2, 2014

Letters to November ||| 2

Dear November,

Today was my day off, and the only thing I really had scheduled today was movies with friends. We saw The Boxtrolls which I totally loved. After the movie, we all went our separate ways - some to see families, others back home - but me? I felt it was early still and didn't want to go home, but the movie had started around 2pm and let out around 4pm so there really wasn't much to do on my own around then. Other friends were busy with other plans or wanted to stay in, and I didn't push if they wanted visitors.

But then my sinus headache came back in full swing so I went in search of a snack of some kind so I could take meds. Not sure if the meds or the caffeine helped with the headache or perhaps it was a little bit of both. A team effort. Like Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE sort of thing.

I had thought about going to see another movie, but the headache and laziness won out so the plan consisted of the library (turned in some audiobooks), Whole Foods for a salad (for dinner), and then back home for some relaxing NaNoWriMo time. I made it to to 4k+ words today, so that's something at least.

Tomorrow was my day off but my lead at work is off for the week on vacation so I was tacked on for a shift to help with coverage. I get it, but working 10am-7pm doesn't really leave me anytime to do some things I had planned on doing Monday so now I have to try and squish it in before work and hope I'm not late.

My nose cannot decide what it wants to do. Block the left nostril. No, the right one. Drip, drip, drip, deluge! Build up a pressure point right between the eyes. Tickle, tickle, sneeze a BILLION TIMES!!! It might be that a cold is trying to invade my face, but I'm in denial. Aside from the nose issues and occasional headaches that make me want to die, there's been little else going on in the way of sickness. *knock on wood* And hopefully it stays that way.

Well, I hope you had a lovely day changing leaves different colors, giving everyone cooler climes, and don't forget it gets darker sooner due to Daylight Savings Time. Now when I work the closing shift, it'll feel like I've been at the office longer than I actually have been when I look out the window to see utter blackness.

But I still love you November.

Have Goodness!

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