Thursday, November 27, 2014

Letters to November ||| 27

Dear November,

I'm in Fresno.

Traffic was crap leaving town to get here. I had been on the road for a while but then got sort of pushed off the freeway since it was bumper to bumper and I was stuck in a lane that was one of two lanes that were "exit only". Eventually when I got back on the freeway, it was still bumper to bumper... but I waited it out and got to my alternate route area and was fine... but then I REALLY had to pee so I had to stop at ol' Casa De Fruita, use the facilities and then hightailed it outta there.

I got into town around 10pm, but my niece was still up so I got tons of hugs and kisses. (I love that little girl to pieces.)

Eventually my bro and his family had to go to bed, so I headed off to my mom's. Just as I thought she wanted me to "fix" her phone - which meant adding the emoji keyboard since she wanted the same little happy faces I had. Now she sends a ton of them with each text. Watching her text my brother today was adorable since it took her forever to type out the message and then she added a bunch of emoji and when she hit send, she rocked back and forth giggling like a little kid.

My brother made turkey day breakfast for his in-laws and then later he and his little family came over to my mom's to have dinner... and ice cream birthday cake (for me and my mom's husband since our birthdays just passed).

My brother and his wife then did a little shopping while Mom and I tended to their little weirdo. After they were done, they came back, and my brother and I had bro-sis time with a nice cigar at one of his hangouts that was open until 10pm. Woot!

Then it was back home and all was well.

I tried working on my novel when I got back to my mom's, but I find I cannot write there since the TV is distracting (not so much as I want to watch it as to the stuff her and her husband watch is distracting... as are they). But I tried my best. My mom kept trying to read my stuff, and I kept telling her, "It's not done yet!"

All in all, good turkey day. xo

Have Goodness!

*actually posted on 11/29/14 but written for 11/27/14

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