Friday, November 28, 2014

Letters to November ||| 28

Dear November,

I hate Black Friday. Having worked retail before (and technically still do), it is hellish to deal with, but seeing the stuff on the news where people are fighting each other while others are getting trampled on. And sometimes it feels like no one is really shopping for others but really just themselves.

My brother and his sister went to pick up a Christmas tree, and said they saw everyone at the store with a TV in their cart. Now really... who do you think that TV was for?

I get there are great deals and all that during that time, but I don't care for the stores opening on Thanksgiving when people should be with their loved ones, but just the treatment of people with each other. It saddens me.

Today my mother wanted to go shopping and asked me to take her to one store. I did, but even though the news was reporting that the day's shopping chaos had cooled somewhat, there were still TONS of people around, and everywhere I walked, I saw displays destroyed, stuff on the floor -- utter chaos.

And speaking as a retail veteran, I know that people have been hired by whichever company to take care of displays and stock and all that, but that does not give everyone in the world the right to act like animals and thrash the place. It just angers me.

Mom picked up some things, paid for them, and then we headed home making a pit stop for some French fries since my mom was craving some.

Later I went to my brother's place. His mother-in-law was there. We all hung out chatting. Later me and my bro went to check out this beer place that I had never been. It was nice but it wasn't all that impressive. Had a nice Stout Float. Yum! But then it was off to our usual place in Tower for some stogies and tea and chit-chat.

Then home... and some writing.

Another good day, all things considered. :)

Have Goodness!

*actually posted on 11/29/14 but written for 11/28/14

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