Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Oh The Places I'll Go...

Day 13: Where would you like to visit/live one day?

Oh there are plenty of places I would love to visit one day. The fact that I haven't been out of the U.S. still boggles the mind of most of my friends. I have friends that have traveled to practically every continent whereas I do not even have my own passport. (I really should remedy that someday soon.)

Wen pondering a question like this back in the day, I knew that I have many family members I have yet to meet on my mother's side of the family. (So far it's only been my mom, her sister - Aunt Amy - and her family that I've only ever met.

So I would LOVE to go to the Philippines, but the clause was that I couldn't go without my mother and brother (Mom mainly for translation - LOL!). But our small family has expanded somewhat. My mother remarried, and my brother got married and he and his wife have a daughter so... we'd ALL have to go.

In college I was adding on to a theatre class that had limited seating, and after the teacher went through and got the attendance of the people signed up for class, he went around and took down the names of the people that wanted to add. We all had to raise our hands and then after he got our names, we could put them down. When he got to me, I was used to spelling out my name for people even though I think it's fairly easy to deduce. When I spelled out my last name, he said while writing my name down "Like the London Harrods." When I didn't reply, he looked up and everyone in the theatre looked at me. "You don't know Harrods?" he asked. When I said no, he told me about the big department store in London, England. Since then, I've had this sick fantasy of being related to them in some way. I would LOVE to go there, by something, and whip out my ID or my card and have them see my name. Not sure how many Harrods they see out there.

I've always been a fan of languages, accents and dialects. Growing up Filipina and Redneck, I've heard a lot. Somewhere down the line - whether it was movies or in real life - I really fell in love with Celtic languages like Irish and Scottish. There also have been movies set in those countries that I really love as well. Some of my friends have been there, and I would really love to visit them myself. One day I shall go to Ireland and Scotland... and have a grand ol' time.

Not necessarily because of my love of Hugh Jackman, but I also want to go to Australia. I used to pen pal with a girl back there when I was in elementary school (she had the same name as me). It just looks so lovely and beautiful.

But in reality, I would love to travel the world. There's a quote I saw somewhere on the internet that said "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." I've tried doing a simpler version of that in my everyday life... like every month try a new place I've never been. (Still working on that.) But I'm nearing 40. I need to go places, people. Sheesh and all that.

As far as where I want to live...???

That's interesting since a long time ago, I had a "vision" if you will of me wearing a comfy sweater, hair up in a messy bun (maybe with a No2 pencil skewered through the knot), sitting at my old-fashioned typewriter with a hot cup of coffee or tea. The typewriter was in front of a window, outside all I could see were trees, and my sleek black cat (named Xavier, of course) walked across the window sill as I worked on my latest novel.

Nowadays the "vision" has changed or splintered off a bit. I currently rent a room from a lady who although a nice person... there has been so much crazy going on in this house, it feels far from "home" and I'd really like my own space. Financially and mentally I am in no place to make any big moves, and I've had to move A LOT in the past few several years due to various reasons, and I'd really not like to have to do that anymore.

So the variation on my "vision" has been to move into my own place for a while when I build up my career, funds, etc... and then perhaps start up some voice acting? And then I sort of see myself living in a house in Los Feliz. It's a pretty area of SoCal that would be close to any voice acting gigs (if my life were to bless me with such opportunities, but I wouldn't mind being someplace in a city that has all the creature comforts this creature would need... and gives me time to spend lots of time with family and friends... especially my niece.

I guess I just want to do it all. I want to go everywhere, do everything, and have a passport filled with stamps and history and awesome stories.

Okay, I'm getting strangely sentimental about a life I haven't lived yet.

So that just means I should get crackin', right?

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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