Monday, January 12, 2015

Just A Day...

Day 12: Bullet point your whole day.

I think my days are pretty boring. I'm not really all that exciting so this post is going to be very blah.

  • Woke up around 11am since I had some errands to run before work at 2pm
  • Brushed teeth, showered, dealt with "The Beast" (aka my hair), spackled my face, grabbed all my work stuff and headed out the door.
  • Went to MY bank to take out some money to deposit into my landlady's account (which is at another bank - thankfully). 
  • Went to my landlady's bank to deposit funds for utilities (which I usually do at the beginning of the month when I deposit rent, but this month due to the holidays... I had to wait until payday.)
  • Stopped by Starbucks and used my gift card to get a Flat White and a Cranberry-Orange scone.
  • Drove to work, was early, and sat and read "The Maltese Falcon" in my car while I ate my scone.
  • Started work at 2pm.
  • Drank some water.
  • Searched computer for file copies of something I need for an appointment later this week.
  • Didn't find file copies of something I need for an appointment this week.
  • Fretted over appointment this week.
  • Thought about current story idea I've been trying to purge from my head.
  • Feeling bad for not working on my novel from last year.
  • Drank some more water.
  • Took my 30min Monday lunches at 4:30pm.
  • Hassled co-worker about when he went to karaoke the night before.
  • Called my grandmother (no answer, left message).
  • Called my mother and chatted for a bit.
  • Thought about story some more.
  • Talked with a friend outside.
  • Hung out with people inside for the last few minutes of my lunch.
  • Clocked back in from lunch.
  • Checked eta for dinner.
  • Drank some more water.
  • Made phone calls while trying to work on production.
  • Answered emails.
  • Completed surveys.
  • Drank some more water.
  • Checked efaxes.
  • Checked eta for dinner.
  • Co-worker offered for me to try something that tasted like corn flakes with dried Indian curry flavorings - not bad.
  • Finished the last of my coffee.
  • Drank a lot more water.
  • Dinner arrived late - around 8-8:30pm (Garlic Chicken & Coconut Rice from Bay Leaf)
  • Clocked out around 9pm
  • Refilled my water bottle.
  • Chatted with some friends in the back before leaving.
  • Came home (and eventually posted this)
See? Booooorrrrinnnggg!!!
Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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