Sunday, January 4, 2015

I Thought This Would Be A Short Post

Day 4: Discuss your views on religion.

My views on religion. Well, this is going to be a short post.

My views are simple - I believe in being a good person.

When I was a baby, I was baptised Catholic, but from what I understand, I'm not really Catholic since I never "confirmed" my baptism. (But if you ask my mother, I should be Catholic.)

Over the course of my years, I had gone to church with various family members or friends and admired the beauty of the building and the symbol of love and peace it provided for those that followed that faith, but never have I felt a pull one way or another to any particular religion. Also from having religious discussions, I have come to find that I don't completely agree with any one of them.

During one discussion with some friends, it was decided that I was pagan, but in reading the definition, that doesn't really entirely apply to me. Then another discussion yielded that I was agnostic, but again... not really me. I'm also not atheist, either.

Yes, I believe in some higher power that I cannot see, but I feel something in the universe is out there. In my years, I watched religion tear the world apart with war and violence. And then someone comes up to me and asks what religion I follow? None. The answer is plainly this: I believe in being a good person. (That's also my answer for politics as well.)

Growing up, I never really had any problem with anyone based on race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or age. I always dealt with the person - their spirit, their soul. Everything else is just window dressing.

My group of friends are made up a lovely melting pot of nationalities, religions, etc - and I love and respect them all equally, and in turn they all respect everyone else. No one gets on anyone's case about being this or that. We just accept each other for who we are. I could give a flying frak if you're Catholic or Atheist or Pagan or whatever. As long as you're a good person, then you're fine in my book. Asshole knows no race, creed or color. That shit is universal.

When I was younger, I knew of the various religions and how they had different icons (like Buddha or Jesus or Shiva), and I had this theory that since most of the world worshipped some supreme being or another, "the big man upstairs" looked like a little bit of every deity from every religion. I remember trying to mentally design what that would look like. Later on, I just simplified it to all of them hanging out in the same place playing cards or watching sports, and then when something had to be done... it'd be like Jesus answering the phone and saying, "Vishnu, it's for you."

I like the idea that they're all part of the same team. No competition. No discourse. Just whatever you were raised on and what works for you. There's a Holy Person for everyone.

I never really thought about Atheists, though. Maybe I'll add some guy named Joe for them.

It all boils down to this (for me). As much as religion has played a discordant part in life, it also is something that brings happiness to people. At this point, we cannot take it away, but it would be nice if we as a people can find a way to stop being judgmental and let people worship the way they want to whatever god they want. In the end, if you're not hurting anyone (which includes yourself), and it makes you happy, have at it. Just respect each other's space, stop spreading the hate, and try to get along. Okay people?

And look at that. And here I thought this would be a short post. Ha!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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