Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm Really Not That Interesting...

Day 15: Write 15 Interesting facts about yourself?

Are you kidding me?

Are you seriously kidding me?

I often tell people that I am boring. And then I get the "But you have so many stories." And I tell them "Because I surround myself with interesting people or the people around me are interesting."

LOL! Makes me think of the line from the movie Beaches where CC Bloom says "But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do YOU think of me?"

But okay, I will try and shoot off some "interesting" facts about me.
  1. I have curly hair. -- This isn't necessarily "interesting" but it fascinates people and seems to be a signature staple in identifying me. I have had many people compliment me on my hair, and although I think it odd, I thank them for their kind words. I equate having this hair to being pregnant in that people will come up to me and touch my hair without asking and think its completely okay. Um, no. 
  2. I have big feet. -- Again, no so much interesting, but my feet have come up once in a while either cuz I have large bunions... or they are just big. I remember when I was younger, I used my mom's slip on nursing shoes to do this church thing where I was to read a quiz question to the masses. I was only in the shoes for an hour, and most of that time I was sitting, but by the end of the day, the big toe of the right show had popped at the seams. I felt really bad for that. My brother at one point in our childhood made the comment "there's nothing more attractive than a girl with big feet" which hurt. Plus I didn't have a boyfriend at the time or boys weren't interested in me "that way" then either. Still some friends are like "here you can borrow a pair of my shoes" and they're size 7 or 6. Me? 9-10 wide. (Sasquatch feet... right here.)
  3. Apparently I'm funny. -- I'm fine in social situations for the most part. I can usually start chatting with people in no time. Also I make people laugh with my stories and ramblings and mannerisms. I have been told on numerous occasions that I should do stand up, and I always say no since it's one thing to be funny with your friends. It's a whole other ball of wax to be funny for other people.,,, in a club... who've been drinking... and can throw things at you. Nah, I'll just stay funny in my own little world and through my writing.
  4. I can cross my eyes... sort of... -- Many moons ago when I was a wee lass, my optometrist said that my eyes were starting to veer away from each other. It wasn't drastic or anything, but he gave me this white index type card that. On one side there were some red shapes and on the other were some green shapes. What I was supposed to do to strengthen my eye muscles was hold the card about arm's length away from me, and with my other hand, hold a pen or pencil in between me and the card. I was to concentrate on the tip of the writing instrument and move it slowly back and forth until the images on the card in the background merged together into one solid image (which was brown). I did this a lot and then stopped out of laziness or what have you. I think I lost the card somewhere down the line. Anyhoo... it wasn't until some years later when crossing my eyes and making a face in front of one of my friends where they said only one eye moved. So it sort of became a party trick on occasion. One of my friends hates it and claims it makes him sick, so whenever he sasses me, I whip out the look, and he shuts up. Then some years later, I was at my friends house doing our weekly dinner and shows thing when the cross eye thing came up. He said, "You can cross your eyes." I showed him, and he saw what happened. Then he had me concentrate on his finger which he then zoomed into my face, and my eyes were actually crossed. So apparently I need to concentrate on something (other than my nose since THAT doesn't seem to work.)
  5. I love me some creepy kids. --  You know what I'm talking about, right? Like Alma from FEAR or like the twins from Black Lagoon or the Little Sisters of Bioshock. What can I say? Creepy kids make me smile.
  6. I am a blood thirsty whore -- Yes, I have stated many times before that books, games, movies, etc... it's mainly about story, but I do love me some carnage every once in a while. I mean, what girl doesn't enjoy a well executed action sequence in a movie. I mean... all of Ninja Assassin... full of pretty. And it can't really be blood for the sake of it. It's got to have a reason. Now if my friends and I are watching some B-horror movie where it's making fun of itself or it's a Tarantino movie, and that's expected, I'm fine. But there has to be a purpose to violence. (Also I really love a well choreographed fight scene - like the three way saber duel in Star Wars Episode 1 or anything in John Wick or the barrel scene from the Hobbit.) *squee*
  7. Self-Diagnosed OCD -- I like to organize things. Right now my room is a mess since I have had to consolidate a house worth of stuff into one room... so my organizational magic has been taxed beyond belief at that point. But I love to organize... especially if it's something I love - like books! I worked at Barnes and Noble for about three years, and I remember going out of town to visit my family, and my brother and I went into Borders to kill time while we waited for our movie to start. I was appalled at the the John Grisham books that filled up three shelves of new release all spined-out. I remember going up to the shelved and facing out some books, and my brother pulling me away to say, "You don't even work here" and "I knew this was a bad idea to come in here."
  8. I'm a DIVA... in the car... -- The only safe place for me to sing without judgement is in my car, and when I sing in my car, I think I'm fabulous. I belt it out like no one's business... until someone else gets in the car with me, and then... not so much.
  9. Sunglasses of Invisibility -- So this kind of goes along with the singing in the car thing. I'm a ham by nature and will make an ass out of myself for the fun of it, but when I'm singing or goofing off in the car by myself on a road trip or just on the way to work... and it's the daytime... and I have my shades on? I am under the impression that no one can see me. Now I know this is ridiculous. I know they can see me, but in that moment, I don't care. 
  10. My favorite color is burgundy. -- Nothing more to it than that. I love a good deep burgundy color, like the color of a yummy red wine.
  11. I'm a writer. -- If you couldn't tell by now, I love to write. I hope to be a published author some day... a well-read published author. At the moment I have three novels that have been started and need to be finished but unfortunately I have this strange block that when I get to over 100 pages, my mind starts to go funny, and I lose all sense of story. (Help?)
  12. I'm the Media Whore -- I was given that title a while back. Not sure it's still exclusively mine anymore. I had a little notebook that I started keeping track of movies that I was either interested in or really wanted to see. I had them separated by month with release dates as well as if it was a limited release or wide. I was visiting some friends up north, and we were thinking about going to see a movie, but they didn't know what was out. (This was before any of us had smart phones.) I ran into the guest room to grab my notebook and started listing movies that should be out now. One of them grabbed my notebook, showed it to the other and looked back at me and laughed. I asked what he was laughing at, and he said, "You're such a media whore." (Also known as Entertainment Nerd. Movies, games, theatre, TV, comics... yeah, you get the picture.
  13. I'm a sucker for a good rom/com. -- You think that watching a lot of romantic comedies would depress me even further into my sad single life, but nope. I quite enjoy them. Maybe one of these days they'll get to me, but for the moment, I enjoy the schmultzy romance of everything, even the not so realistic ones. It's like "Really? That's a bit over the top." And granted, there might be some amazing guy out there that would make these amazing grandiose gestures to show his love to his lady fare... all I'm saying is I've never seen it.
  14. Boots. -- I'm not a shoe whore by any means. I'm not a Sex & The City type that drools over a pair of shoes. Maybe it's because I have moody feet, and they demand comfort - which none of the luxury shoes can provide. I can admire the pretty, but then my mind starts to question the comfort, functionality, the greater chance of slipping and breaking an ankle. But I do love boots. I've only ever owned a few pair that I could justify their usage - meaning their practicality or if I have clothes that I could wear with them - but if I can't justify the purchase of a pair of boots (aside from being on sale or they're pretty), I won't get them. But it's also difficult for me to find boots that will fit me all over. The one awesome part of my body that is fit and lovely would be my calves, but the boots that I find (that I can afford) usually just manage to fit my foot, but then when it comes to sealing the deal around my leg? Nope. I'm screwed.
  15. Puzzles. --  I'm a gamer, and when I say that word, I mean ALL kinds of games where boardgame, card game, hide and go seek, charades, or electronic. But of all the games I've ever played, I love puzzle games. I guess you could say checkers and chess are puzzle games as would be Connect Four. I remember when I tutored elementary school kids through a high school program - Friday would be library day, and the kids would be allowed to play on the computers, and some of them liked a game called Tesserae. I played it a few times and wanted a copy of my very own but couldn't find one anywhere. Other games that I've loved over the years have been Sanitarium, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, all of the Tomb Raider series, The Longest Journey, and the sequel Dreamfall (which they better make a sequel to, dammit, since where they left it is not where you leave a video game ending... dammit. Double dammit).
And there you go. 15 things. Not sure if they're interesting, but they're about me so... there ya go.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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