Sunday, January 25, 2015

Silver-Lining Fascination

Day 25: Discuss someone who fascinates you and why.

To be honest, I couldn't think of anyone at first. I mean, really... the definition makes it sound more like a spell or something, but I always perceived it to be more of interest and curiosity... as well as a little bt of awe.

But I'm gonna be real for a moment and pick someone from my real life. My friend Jess.

So I've known this lovely little flower for many, many years now. (In real time, probably around 15 years - give or take - but really it feels like I've known her for ages.) We met through mutual friends and then became really good girlfriends through that.

She's just an awesome person. She will claim she's a mess or whatever, but from when I met her to now? She's inspiring. Overcoming personal issues, confronting fears, communicating, processing life. And even through all she goes through, she still finds time to be a positive reinforcement to her friends. (That's why I call her Silver-Lining. She can find the positive in almost any situation. Like if we were falling to our deaths in a plane making a bee-line for shark-infested waters... she would say something like "At least we'll die together.")

I think my favorite moments with her are just sitting on her couch and shooting the shit. We don't really have to do anything. We just sit, have a couple cocktails and be... well... us.

And she is so very creative. She makes costumes for conventions and Halloween (the one year she was Rainbow Brite? OMFG she was so cute!!!). She also crafts. She cooks. She bakes. (I bake a little bit but she BAKES!!! One year she made me red velvet broken glass cupcakes for my birthday. She's so sweet.)

One of things I'm awed over the most is her writing as well as her overall creativity.

I'm a writer. I want to be a famous published author someday. And when I write, it feels like work. Some days the words flow through me like magic. Other days, it's like pulling teeth.

There are posts she writes on her Facebook - some short and concise, others a purge of emotion or a lengthy rant - but they're all so clever and witty... sometimes it kills me. Granted, I don't know her writing process or what she was going through, but my take on her writing is flawless and funny and sometimes I secretly hate her for it.

Her sense of humor is similar to mine which leaves me ecstatic and relieved since there's someone out there like me who understands my brain and way of thinking (and I hers).

I suppose one of the main reasons we get along so well is that we've been through similar situations that we can totally relate to or at least leaves us in a place of comprehension.

Right now I'm totally babbling so I should end this before it becomes nothing but babble... but my JessFace is an amazing woman and even if I'm a little jealous of at times, I can't really be mad... since I'll always be 35 on her couch. ^_^

Love you bitchface! xoxoxo

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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