Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Can't Get No...

Day 8: Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life.

This will be hard because I haven't been truly satisfied with my life for quite a while.

In thinking back on my life, I think I was most happy when I had a steady job, decent pay and benefits, and lived in my own home... with a roommate and a couple cats of course.

It was a little over ten years when I worked at a small manufacturing company. My friend's mother had originally hired me for my organizational skills. I was still working at the bookstore and on my days off from there (if she needed me), she'd pick me up and take me with her to the office where I'd sort her archived files, make new files for the current year, file... general organization stuff. When I left the bookstore, I obviously had much more free time on my hands, so I'd go to the office with her more often. Sometimes I even covered for the receptionist there when she had a dentist appointment or called out sick. Eventually when the receptionist left - I was actually there working on files that day - I was offered her job.

And the rest, they say, is history.

That was the first time I had medical benefits and could say "I'll be in later because I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning." Yup, I had medical AND dental. I had PTO. I had weekends off... some weekdays depending on holidays. We would close for Christmas to New Year's.

Sure there were stressful times at that office, but yeah... I miss that job.

I was living with my friend Kim at the time, too. I had a place. I had my own space where I could walk about wherever I wanted whenever I wanted. I could watch TV, bake, cook, sleep on the couch if I wanted. I could have friends over.

I miss having a place of my own. A quiet place to read, to write, to get away from people.

And I also had a car - my Jeep Liberty (may she rest in peace, February 2013). I had been driving a Honda before that which I inherited from my mother. One Christmas on my way to work with my one of my roommates, we got sandwiched between the Toyota 4-Runner in front and the Toyota Camry asshole that slammed into me from behind causing me to slam into the 4-Runner.

From that settlement, I got the Jeep. I loved Libby. She was the perfect size - not a compact car and not a full blown SUV. I was still doing renaissance faires at the time so I had a good amount of packing space for my tent, costumes, bedding, etc. I was the taxi for a change. I liked saying, "We can take my car."

We went a lot of places: SDCC, Sacramento, Fresno, LA, Disneyland, San Francisco, all around the Bay Area...

I do miss Libby. (But I love Nameless - Libby's successor. She and I have had many adventures together so far. Hopefully many more to come.)

So yeah... back then I was satisfied because I was independent, taking care of myself, had job stability... life, for the most part, was good.

Wish I could have that now... and believe me, I'm working on it.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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