Saturday, January 24, 2015

Favorite Movie(s)

Day 24: What is your favorite movie and why?

That's so difficult for me to answer since it's sort of changed over the years... although all of them are very close in the running.

So like I've been doing with my posts, I'm breaking the rule and giving you a number of my faves.

And in no particular order...

To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book... and of course, I'm gonna love the movie. (Oh Gregory Peck. You were the perfect Atticus.)

It's just a good story overall.

Of course my favorite parts of the movie are the Boo Radley moments. Leaving the things in the tree for Jem and Scout. He's a weirdo but gotta love him. He's a good guy at heart.

Yup. Love the book and love the movie.
Yay! LOVE this movie. It's just such a wonderful fairytale... and David Bowie is wonderful. And anything to do with Muppets is just awesomesauce. And the music is just classic.

And I mean, come on. The movie is so incredibly fantastical.

I suppose the theme of the film is "be careful what you with for" - I mean, Sarah wished her brother Toby be taken away by The Goblin King... and what does she get?

But I was always hoping the book that she had in the movie was real. That... and I always wanted an Ambrosius of my very own. (To go along with my Barkley from Sesame Street, of course.)
Growing up, I wasn't the normal kid that only watched cartoons or after school kid shows. I loved watching old movies and musicals. One of my all time favorite performers is Danny Kaye. I love him to bits and have seen practically everything he has done (if not completely everything he has done).

I would say the most classic and favorite film that he's been in (for me) would be White Christmas. Everything about it makes me smile.

Fathom Events recently showed it in theatres, so I got to see it on the big screen during Christmastime... which was a real treat.
Aside from Danny Kaye, Robin Williams is another all time fave. His energy, creativity, his heart... everything about him screamed awesome.

Being a long time Disney fan, I was really excited when Aladdin came out since he was going to be the Genie. And I mean, it's been said before, but he is PERFECT for animation. (Loved him in Ferngully. Batty Koda is adorable.)

Within the first viewing of this movie, I was quoting it and singing along. (Still a little irritated that they changed that one line in the first song... but oh well.)

It's still an amazing movie.
When Pixar joined up with Disney, and Toy Story came out, I was hooked. They really have a hook on telling a great story. And the characters they create.

Some favorites in Pixar history are all the Toy Story movies, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Brave, and UP... just to name a few.

So pretty much all of them. :)

And that's all for now.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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