Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear Future Me...

Day 2: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

Ten years is a long time although it most likely will go by in a flash as time is wont to do.

Let's see... (the following will probably be lots of babble in no particular order)

I miss when I worked Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, holidays off and paid, benefits, accrued vacation days, PTO... but due to the economy taking a bit of a dive some time ago, I have had trouble finding similar work than what I'd had since. I'm grateful for the work I have now (that I even have a job), but I would like to have a job that had regular hours that didn't change, that had stable benefits and pay and gave me time off when I needed it (like when I'm sick or whatever). Just some stability, a bump in pay... something that I could actually support myself on in my own home with my own bills and my own car... blah blah blah. (I think you get what I mean, right?)

Oh, and let's not forget an income that will support my book, video game habits as well as the actual vacation where I actually go somewhere that isn't visiting my family - like maybe even go out of the country for once - spend some money and still be able to pay my bills back at home.

It'd also be nice to be a published author and have some voice-acting accomplishments as well. That'd be cool. And to travel more? And go to more shows/concerts/theatre? And maybe be able to buy a new (used) car? And to pay off all debts. That'd be extra cool.

I don't like being alone. Not because I can't be alone. I can. I have my solitary "I'm gonna binge watch some DVDs" or "play this video game all day until I beat it" or "I'm going to stay home and write or read today" or "I don't want to be around people right now" kind of days, but in general, I like being around people. But in the span of my years, roommates have come and gone due to getting into relationships or job relocation, so I feel that - even though I would prefer to have a roommate (preferably one that I got along with), I would be much better off having my own place.

My own place to keep clean and neat and organized, to decorate how I see fit, to not have to deal with any yappy dogs barking at the air or other roommates who slam doors or talk REALLY loud or leave messes on the bathroom sink. A place where I would have my own refrigerator and not have my housemates family eat up my stuff - even though it has my name on it - and then have that housemate apologize, swear they'll replace it, and then get the wrong thing. Someplace to put up my books and music. A place I can play video games. A desk or office space where I can sit comfortably and work on my writing. (That'd be nice.)

I'm not sure in 10 years I'll own anything - though it'd be nice if I did. I'd settle for something rent-controlled. A house would be nice.

It's been a while that I've been single. I've dabbled hear and there though very little. But I'd like to think that within the next 10 years, I'll find someone who accepts me for me and likes most if not all the things I do or am into... or at least understands them. Someone that's supportive and loving, the yin to my yang. A relationship that we work at though it doesn't feel like work. Someone that doesn't expect me to stay at home and tend house. Someone that appreciates my odd personality and sense of humor. Someone who is not embarrassed by me, and whom I'm not embarrassed by. Someone that thinks of me and loves me and misses me but doesn't smother me. Someone that lets me hang out with my friends - male or female - and doesn't necessarily have to be there to watch over me. Someone who is my equal, my partner, doesn't expect me to give up my life or I his.

I'm getting all mushy and stuff, but I think I made my point.

I hope that within the next 10 years I'll have completed a novel and perhaps have had one published. Or if anything... to have something published whether it be online or in a magazine or a collected work. That'd be awesomesauce.

To shave off some weight and tone up some areas. Also deal with some dry skin issues. It's 10 years so... maybe lose half my mass and go down several sizes. Maybe even have the nerve to try skinny jeans?

I'd also think I would have learned some new things... maybe... like a martial art or to sing or play an instrument or to craft or something. Expand my talents and explore my interests. Maybe find a drum circle and get into drumming again. That'd be nice.


But all of that to be built on a foundation of happiness. Goodness knows it's a little difficult to stay positive sometimes, but I'm hoping I can make that happen... to be happy more than sad. To shine happiness on everyone around me.

I think that's it... or least a good starting point.

Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!

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