Friday, July 1, 2016

Q&A - GOAL!!!

Write about three realistic goals you would like to achieve in your lifetime.
Okay, here are the first three that pop into my mind... in no particular order...

Lose Weight/Get Fit & Healthy

The struggle is real, yo!

I used to joke that my downfall was the lack of recess when I graduated from elementary to junior high where we had break and lunch and PhysEd was a required class. (I will be honest, I hated P.E. I was fine with playing the sports throughout the year - basketball, soccer, street hockey, softball... even swimming - but it was the other stuff that drove me nuts. I mean, back in the day I was a bit on the fitter side fresh from seven years of recess and running around during summer break, but my upper body strength was not in a place to lift my whole body up and place my chin above some bar.

And the running? Don't get me started on the running. (Yeah, I'm not a runner... especially now since I've been in a few car accidents, and the last car that t-boned me... my left leg hasn't been the same since... but high school mile runs were not my jam.)

Riding my mountain bike was fun... as well as taking hip-hop dance classes... but over the course of my life, I've lost my groove, and I need to get it back.

Also this whole 'powerloss' thing once a month sucks balls. I try my best to stay somewhat active, but my body feels like it's dying, and it gets even more difficult to motivate myself to move. And as I've gotten older, the powerloss symptoms have grown stronger and some new ones have popped up... so yeah. it's a bit taxing.

But I need to get my groove back.

Write A Book/Get Published

Speaking of grooves needing to get back...

I've experienced this lack of writing since my last car accident. I don't know what it is. When it happened, I think perhaps I was just dealing with all the pain and legal drama and medical drama. But when that all passed, I was still... stuck.

Usually I have these ideas floating around in my head, and the only issue is how to get them out. The need and want to get them out was always there, but I always needed to work on the how. After the accident, there was no need or want. There were no ideas. It was like a calm sea.

I've seen friends get published and people that I follow on YouTube write books... and then there's me. Now I know it's all on me, but I just need to get the groove back that I had before. I mean, I wrote two novels in high school (which will never see the light of day - trust me, I'm saving everyone), but now the drive is off, my brain is scattered, and I can't seem to concentrate. I think perhaps because it's so important to me, it's freaking me out a little bit... well, maybe a lot.

But I'm sort of getting some groove back... a bit. I just need to find the time to write more. Work is a little erratic mixed with inomnia as well as other crap. I had planned to just blog a little during the weekdays and then write on the weekends, but my weekends are getting booked up (with important things mind you like helping clean/paint my friends' new place, help make birthday cakes, baby showers, etc). I will confess that there are days where I'm lazy and just don't work at all... at anything... but yeah. I miss that groove, that drive I had back in the day. I really need to get it back.

Be Happy

Now let me start off by saying I am - for the most part - happy. I'm just not in a place that I want to be. I want to be more stable, more accomplished... just more. I was moving forward for a while, and then the economy took a step back and dragged me along with it. And I've been crawling back to where I was ever since... and it feels way too slow. I'll be forty this year. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis feeling or something. I would just like to be happy... feel a lot more happy a lot more of the day than I have been feeling.

And yeah... I think that's where I'll end this post.

Later my lovelies,

Have Goodness!

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