Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Q&A - So You Know I Love Creepy Kids, Right?

You are a children's book writer. Write the first few lines of your new book.
Even though it still technically worked, Gus felt her Easy-Bake Oven had seen better days. For starters, it was old, she could swear she heard cartoon spring noises coming from inside whenever it was on, and the last few cakes she made came out smelling odd.

It had a good run, but she was pretty sure it had baked its last cake.

Aside from the other reasons, there was now a huge dent underneath the bottom left side from where it had left an even larger dent in the young man's - now laying sprawled on the floor before her - skull.

Staring at him laying there motionless and slack-faced, her mind didn't turn to guilt or apologies or the ever-so-silly hope that he was all right.

No, her thoughts turned to curiosities as to how much grey matter would have to go into a batter for a brain cake. She's obviously have to start off small since it was easier to add than to take away. That thought made her chuckle aloud seeing as she'd definitely taken something from the dead man nearby. Staring at the crack in his head, the term "open-minded" crossed her thoughts, and she let out another laugh.


*Yeah, I think I'll end it now.

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