Friday, July 8, 2016

Q&A - We Are Family!

If you had been able to choose, would you rather have been an only child or part of a very large family?
I've never really thought about my family in regards to size. When I was younger, I knew of the whole nuclear family thing where you had a mommy, a daddy, a son, and a daughter. But then after my parents divorced, it was mainly the three of us moving away with daddy staying behind.

I never thought about "if I was an only child." I never entertained the idea about having a larger family..., but with having an older brother I'd occasionally wonder what if I had an older sister instead? Or what if we had a third sibling?

Most of my friends growing up were from small families - either one or two siblings. Both my parents came from large families with lots of brothers and sisters - I think 6 or 7 each - but most of my aunts and uncles that I know of have 1-3 children themselves.

It was later when I started meeting friends that also came from large families and how they all interacted with each other that I started to crave - in the tiniest way - a larger family.

But even though it's just the tiny blood-related one that I have, I still have people that I've met over the years and that are still in my life that I consider family even though we don't share the same blood or DNA.

So in a sense... I am part of a very large family. ^_^

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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