Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just Another Boring Day In The Neighborhood

I do find myself in comparison to those around me rather boring...
Guess what I did today? You guessed it. I went to work.

There are days where it feels like all I do is go to work and come home and then go back to work the next day... and so on and so on. I know there are errands in there somewhere or some friend outings, etc, but lately I feel like I'm doing more which is leaving with me less time to do a lot of things. I take that as people thinking I'm responsible and trustworthy and capable as opposed to the other possibilities of "because I said so" or "well, I need someone to do it."

The communication at work is annoying. It'd be cool if it were better. Since I worked at this job, management goes to various business conventions and says nothing to the company (which to be fair - our office alone isn't that big. They could easily have one of their famous "manager meetings" and then have each manager inform their department, but most of the time they just go off and while everyone is WTF'ing themselves, one person will say They're at a convention, which leaves us to take messages or forward to voicemail or whatever for them to address when they get back).

And yeah, it's crappy to have to come back to work after several days in Vegas or New Orleans, but guess what? Since you left us high and dry without knowing what the hell was going on, I'm kind of happy that you had to come back to work and have so much to do. Imagine how we felt having to make due with nothing?

But I digress.

I will turn it into a positive.

I am capable.
I am trustworthy.
I am a hard worker.
I am helpful.
I am friendly.
I am responsible.
I am awesome.

There. Sound good? I think so.

I'm trying really hard to keep the negative away from me and bask in the positive. It's a little difficult at times since normally I remove myself from the negative/toxic things, but sometimes I can't get away from them and have to deal with them milling about me

After work I headed to WalMart Market near work to grab some things for the apartment before heading home.

I've been thinking that I need to name my apartment - my home. I have a check-in name for her for an online app. Maybe I'll tinker with that for something. Maybe...

But yeah, that was it for the day. Just another day at work, store, home, sleep... and another round the next day.

Later my lovelies,

Have Goodness!

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