Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Here's Where I Pretend To Have Done Stuff

The visual alone represents my battle with insomnia. Ahhh, sleep?
Nothing new to report, really.

Went to a 4th of July party on Sunday the 3rd. It was nice and laid back.

Monday I worked the closing shift which was only a few hours long since it was a holiday and not that busy.

Sleep is still a fickle mistress and most times doesn't seem to want to be friends with me. Not sure what a girl has gotta do to get some sleep up in here.

And then there are the occasioanl "bad dreams" - but the insomnia has been around for a lot longer than the dreams. They don't help with the lack of sleep issue, but I'm hoping to get a handle on the situation soon. (Baby steps and all that.)

Other than that, not much to report in my life. My weekend was full of errands and the library and some friend time. Monday was catching up on sleep and then working.

Today was just work and then home.

Damn I'm boring. LOL. (Hope all y'all had a much more exciting past few days than me... which really shouldn't be too difficult.) ^_^

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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