Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Q&A - Illogical As Spock

Have you ever experienced something that just could not be logically explained?
When I was younger, and my brother and I were still living with our mother and going to school, I listened to the radio a lot.

One particular day I had heard a DJ talk about some myth that involved the number 8. I don't remember a lot, but part of it was not to go out of the house that day (which I think was the 8th) else bad things would happen. Being a kid - and I believe it was the weekend - of course I was going to go outside and play.

That night I had really bad dreams, and they were the kind you couldn't wake up from right away. I had learned early on that you can control your dreams if you have a mind to remember to do it, but I just couldn't shake the bad.

Finally, as if the dream spit me out of itself, I woke up in a panic, breathing heavy and freaked out. At that moment, I looked up at the small window of my room - I had a large pane window on one wall and a much smaller one up high on the back wall. I remember my eyes were drawn up there due to a light shining in through the window which reflected on the ceiling just before the window as well as its curtains.

Reflected in the light were shadowed silhouttes of the number 8.

Not sure where the light came from or if what I saw was in direct correlation to what I'd heard on the radio earlier that day. I think I casually brought it up the next day like "Hey, I heard this on the radio yesterday. You guys experience anything weird?" No one had.

So I kept my little experience to myself, and that was that.

Another story came to mind that had to do with a cute guy that my friends and I had met at a music store, My girlfriends thought he was cute, but I - I'm still like - didn't think he'd fancy me so I just let the girls shine and that was that. Later on it came to pass that he was attracted to me and not my friends which left me in a state of "WTF." We never had a chance to connect. Later on we reconnected, and he ended up being kind of an ass, but back in the day I only knew the nice guy who I thought was cool and dug me... so yeah, That was an odd thing.

It's extremely rare that a guy that I'm into is into me... so that was weird and inexplicable by logic or any other power/ability around.

So yeah, that was that.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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