Thursday, July 28, 2016

Errands, Window Shopping & Some New Stuff

Similar bedding coloring to the one I really liked while window shopping.
Today was an eventful today... ish.

I opened today... and today at work was all right.

After work, it was off to errands. It was mostly 'window shopping' for some summertime bedding. (I'm still currently sleeping in my 'winter' bedding which for the most part has been okay since it's been chilly at night, but it can get rather warm during the day.)

I went to a variety of places - was really sad that the JCPenney closed for good near me... now the closest one is a 30min to hour trek from where I live.

Totally random but valid question -- Why is bedding so expensive? I mean, I get it... but WHY?

And what the frak is up with all the pillows? In looking at bedding sets, I see the display picture with the bed made with that particular bedding, and there are SO MANY DAMN PILLOWS, they cover up at least half of the bed. They're just going to end up on the floor.

Makes me think of the cushion rage segment from BBC's Coupling.

In any case... since I like to shop around, I just noted which sets I liked and where I found them and then started to feel tired and wanted to head home.

But then I realized where I was in town and recalled a conversation I had with a friend about Asian shopping centers and how she lived near one and thought it was pretty cool. I was near there and thought Well, who knows when I'll be back here again... and decided I'd check it out.

There were a few shops here and there that looked interesting, but the major store was a Korean market. I went in and walked around, checked out the aisles. I was tempted to buy some things - there were some cool ramen bowls with lids that I wanted - but held back (maybe to come back at a later date?) and went to the bakery a couple stores down. I grabbed a few goodies before making my way to Starbucks for my favorite drink as of late: Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato.

And THEN I went home... where I sat in front of my laptop and vegged out on shows while I drank my coffee and snacked on my pastries. (And wrote this.) ^_^

Awww yeah. Healthy as FRAK!!!

And thus ends another exciting day in the life of ME! *LOL!*

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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