Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fried Comfort Chicken Food

Comfort food

During my shift, one of the drivers who also helps out in dispatch came by and gave some of the girls in my department Popeye's Chicken. I think it stemmed from them seeing him eat some for lunch one day - it's one of his staples - and the joke became "Where's mine?" I heard them giving him a hard time every once in a while and then one day he came in with a bag each for all the girls that had been jokingly harassing him. They were surprised since I don't think he'd actually get them anything.

He swears he'll get me some soon, but I'm not going to hold him to that.

As my shift came to a close, I thought Maybe I'll get some Popeye's for myself on the way home.

When I was younger, aside from the ever popular KFC, I grew up with Pioneer Chicken and Popeye's Chicken. As a child I remember Pioneer more mostly due to texture and presentation. I remember it always being greasy... and not my favorite.

I revisited both places when I was older. There was one Pioneer that I knew of, but I have no idea if that one still exists. Popeye's seemed to blow up since they seemed everywhere. My go-to from Popeye's are chicken strips, biscuits, and mashed potatoes and gravy. In my later years, I mix it up every once in a while or when ordering strips get the spicier ones, but I'm a pretty basic Popeye's girl with simple tastes.

With the help of Yelp, I found a location on the way home from work. In the shopping plaza it was in, it was right next to an Indian market as well as an Indian sweets place. After parking in one of the crappiest parking lots, I went to the market first and after looking around and wanting to grab a number of things - but I talked myself down since I could always come back now that I knew what they had - I grabbed a couple different cookies and mango treats. I skipped the sweets place and then headed straight to Popeye's where I got something called Beer Can Rip'n Chick'n. I thought it was interesting that it was fried since all the "beer can" chicken recipes were for roasted or grilled, but okay. Whatever. It's fast-food - and for me, it's comfort food. It's boneless fried chicken, a side (mashed potatoes and gravy, duh!), a biscuit, and a drink.

Why is comfort food rarely - if ever - healthy? Is that what we find comforting about it?


I went home after that and vegged out on food and shows before bed.

I know, right? How exciting am I? LOL

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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