Thursday, August 18, 2016

Prepping For A Road Trip

Hello uneventful day filled with nothing much to talk about.

No really. Nothing really interesting happened today.

Today was opening shift at work, and since I was lazy (and didn't think I had enough time to hit the Starbucks a couple lights away), I jetted over to the 7-Eleven down the street and grabbed some iced coffee with two shots of Stok - which I think on the actual package it tells you not to do anymore than two a days... which is fine since I only do two a day anyway.

One jacked up iced coffee and three Monterey Jack Chicken Taquitos later... I made it to work, did my thing, held it down, you know what's up.

Do you? Do you really? Because I don't right now.

After work, I needed to go to Sephora to pick up some more setting spray since I was completely out. Sadly though the JCP near the office has closed up shop which led me to the mall... which is always an experience.

I did my usual routine of parking at Nordstrom's (second floor, parking garage), crossed the little bridge to get to the Nordstrom's entrance, went through Nordrstom's (don't think I've ever owned anything from that store - like I can afford anything there... some of the stuff is pretty, but damn!), and then headed downstairs and around the corner to... Sephora.

I love that store. Half of it is makeup - which I don't really wear (though I do love a good lipstick/crayon/gloss, but it gets everywhere, and I usually end up wiping it off instead of reapplying so... Carmex is my bitch). I do love the skin care, hair care, and perfumes.

True Confessions: I watch a good number of makeup people on YouTube, and they all use setting spray. I myself use a primer to help with the redness I have on my face before I use my Bare Minerals (since honey, I don't know all the other stuff and have no time for it so I need something quick and easy to get me out the door), but there's transfer, and I hate that. And apparently setting spray helps with that.

After setting spray was acquired, I headed to the food court for some kind of beverage that would wake me up a bit. I didn't want to fall asleep early. I wanted to fall asleep at a decent time, but every time I stopped moving, it felt like I was going to pass the frak out. So... I went up to the food court and had intended on getting some coffee, but instead ending up getting a coffee milk tea with boba and coffee jelly... cuz that's how PMS works. Cravings tell you one thing and then they change their minds so many time in less than second intervals that your mind is not the same in the end.

At least that's how it is for me.

Sat down at a table to enjoy my drink, think about the rest of my day and what else I needed to do to prep for my road trip, and my nanay called. (I swear, I've even written my schedule down for her, and each time she calls, she'll ask if I'm somewhere I'm not... case in point, when she called while I was at the mall, she asked, "Are you at work?") We chatted for a bit, and then I headed home to do laundry and other prep stuff since I'd be going away for the weekend.

So here I sit, waiting for laundry to finish, listening to music and trying to write stuff as I plan what I need to bring with me tomorrow so I can leave straight from work. I'll end this here so I can concentrate on packing, etc. (Laundry is taking WAY longer than I thought it would.)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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